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  • I am not related to Kevin Rankin

    I thought he was great in Justified, but did not think the role was a stretch, since he is from the South. However, he is so believable as a detective from New York in Unforgettable. Okay, he acts in shows with only single word titles, but his character acting is superb. He is in the same class as Walter Goggins, Joe Pesci, and Jeff Bridges.
  • What can you say about a kid that was so shy. Most definetly unlike his sister Sherry!!! Who ripped my Madame Alexander dolls to shreds!!!! HA!

    Of course I am a little biased. He is my 2nd cousin on his dads side of the family. I haven't seen Kevin in a long while, but keep up with his career through his Mom and Dad who send emails on all his accomplishments. I have seen him in only one movie "Hulk" and try every week to watch him on "Bionic Woman" and "Friday Night Lights". I am very proud of him and constantly bragging!!!! It's not suprising that Kevin is becoming an accomplished actor. Talent runs in the family!!!! His grandfather (my uncle) was the leader of a Jazz band for years. God Speed Kevin and my love to you!!!! Letha Powell Key
  • well, kevin is my big cousin, and he is really cool and fun to be arouond. He's not the type of actor thatlets all the fame and stardom get to his head. He stays in LA, but always comes home for family functions.

    hey kevin if you read this, i just had to be the first to be in your review, so here i am. i got my camera developed and can't wait till you can come down. well what movies want you to play in? cause they need to come out with a good movie.