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Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose


2/24/1977, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Birth Name

Robert Kevin Rose



Also Known As

The Dark Tipper
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Former TechTV/G4 personality Kevin Rose has slowly become a leader in the world of underground technology. Known as "The Dark Tipper," Rose began work as a technical production assistant for The Screen Savers on TechTV. He began "Dark Tips" which revealed little known computer tips, video game console…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kevin's first segment on The Screen Savers came on March 4, 2002.

    • In the PC/Mac computer debate, Rose doesn't have a preference since he is an expert in both systems.

    • Kevin's nickname is the "Dark Tipper". It was given to him because he often produced segments showing people how to legally alter or "hack" their computer related equipment (ipods, Xboxes, PCs) to improve performance.

    • Rose is a big fan of film director Tim Burton's work.

    • Although he doesn't watch too much television, Kevin admits that he makes time to watch his all time favorite show The Family Guy.

    • Rose announced on May 22, 2005 that his had been released from his contract at G4. His final appearance was on May 27, 2005 for his hosting job of Attack of the Show.

    • On November 1, 2004 Kevin created Digg, a user-based website devoted to techology news. Currently, Digg is ranked as one of the top 1000 websites worldwide. Because of it's popularity, Kevin formed Diggnation, a weekly podcast, which covers the top stories submitted by Digg users.

    • Kevin's first computer was a IBM 8088, which he was given when he was 10 years old.

    • Kevin admits that the geekest thing he has ever done was purchase a sealed copy of Windows 1.0 for $350.

    • Kevin is a frequent guest on the weekly internet podcast "This Week in Tech", which hosts and guests are composed of former TechTV personalities.

    • Kevin was one of only six TechTV personalities, including Sarah Lane, Chi-Lan Lieu, Brendan Moran, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, to survive the massive layoffs resulting from the May 2004 merger of G4 and TechTV.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: Break your computer. Seriously I can't tell you the number of times I have reformatted my hard drive because I tweaked something until it broke. Needless to say, my PC wouldn't boot. But I took something away from that and never repeated the same mistake twice.

    • Kevin: I love well-designed products that combine form and functionality. Those purple, hard-case Netgear switches and the Apple iPod are examples of well-thought-out products.

    • Kevin: Once you go wireless, you never go back.

    • Kevin: I just wanna bring, solid tech programming to people, anywhere and everywhere.

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