Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith


8/2/1970, Red Bank, New Jersey

Birth Name

Kevin Patrick Smith



Also Known As

Silent Bob, Kevin Smith(Silent Bob), Kevin P. Smith
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Kevin Smith was born on August 2nd, 1970. He was born and raised in New Jersey and quite proud of it (most of his films take place there and contain many references to the state). His first film was Clerks (1994). It took place at a convenience store…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kevin has been a celebrity blogger for the website for the Stanley Cup Playoffs during the 2008-09 season, as well as the previous year. He covers the New Jersey Devils, his favorite team. He also has a more personal connection to them- his mother was the team physician when he was growing up, which meant that he was often able to get free tickets to their games, though now he prefers to show his commitment to the team by paying for a luxury suite.

    • For his first movie Clerks, Kevin originally intended to play the character of Randall and gave him the majority of the exposition and dialogue. Realizing his restrictions with both writing and directing, he chose not to add the extra burden of learning lines.

    • In 1997, Kevin Smith won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay for Chasing Amy.

    • Kevin Smith was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in 1995 for Best First Feature and Best First Screenplay for Clerks.

    • Kevin worked on writing a script for a Superman movie, but none of his drafts were ever used.

    • Kevin wrote a 15 issue arc of the comic book Green Arrow for DC Comics.

    • On the Clerks 2 DVD, Kevin said his favorite movie that he has written and directed is Clerks 2.

    • Kevin owns four dogs, two of which are named Mulder and Scully after characters from The X-Files.

    • Kevin's favorite movies of 2006 included The Departed, Little Children, Half Nelson, Clerks II, Inside Man, V for Vendetta, The Last King of Scotland, United 93, Perfume, and Borat.

    • Kevin Smith went to mtvU with an idea for a short-form program originally called "For Those Who Can't Get Laid" which later became "Sucks Less with Kevin Smith". "Sucks Less" is a program that provides information about various upcoming movies/music/comics/events that college kids might not know about.

    • Kevin Smith's daughter Harley, can be seen in some of Kevin Smith films.

    • Smith was raised Catholic.

    • There was originally going to be a "Clerks" live action sitcom. Jeff Anderson ("Randall" in the movie) auditioned for the role of Dante and did not get it. Eventually, the entire project was scrapped.

    • Kevin took to writing very easy, and even as a teenager wrote and performed skits with his friends in school talent shows

    • Kevin once shot what was later revealed to be a religious film for singer/songwriter Prince.

    • Kevin worked with David Mandell (who was a writer on "Seinfeld"), on the "Clerks" TV series.

    • Although uncredited, Smith wrote most of the script that was eventually used for the straight to video release Overnight Delivery. This was not known until he talked about it in his book, Silent Bob Speaks.

    • Kevin has been known for script rewritting, including a draft for the movie Coyote Ugly. No dialogue from his draft made it to the film.

    • Kevin has recently written a book entitled Silent Bob Speaks: the collected writings of Kevin Smith.

    • In 1994, Kevin Smith at the Cannes Film Festival. Won the Award of the Youth (Foreign Film) for clerks and won the Mercedes-Benz Award

    • Kevin received an honorary degree (Doctor of Humane Letters) from Illinois Wesleyan University.

    • Kevin's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, played Kevin's trademark character, Silent Bob, as baby Silent Bob in the 2001 film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    • Kevin often uses the shop Quick Stop for filming. This is significant to him as he used to work in one before he became a professional director and actor.

    • While filming Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Kevin accidentally mispronounced Eliza Dushku's last name, and subsequently simply called her "Duck Shoot."

    • Kevin often references movies that were done by writer John Hughes.

    • Kevin frequently references the Star Wars movies.

    • Kevin Smith wrote the script to Chasing Amy, inspired by his experience with then-girlfriend Joey Lauren Adams.

    • Kevin is the brother of Virgina Smith, who appeard in Clerks (1994) and Chasing Amy (1997).

    • Smith will commonly use the "sh" rule at least once in every movie. An example of this would be "Breakfast Shmrekfast".

    • Smith is 5' 10" (1.78 m) tall.

    • Smith wrote a screenplay for the film version of The Green Hornet. Harvey Weinstein, the head of Miramax, wanted Smith to direct the flick, but Smith backed out. He said that it wasn't his style of directing to pull off a big-budget action movie.

    • Smith married USA Today reporter Jennifer Schwalbach on April 25, 1999.

    • Kevin was an actual Clerk at the Quickstop and RST video.

    • Adds references in every movie to Julie Dwyer dying in the YMCA pool.

    • He won a Harvey Award, given for achievement in comic books, in 1999 for Best New Talent based on his work with Marvel's Daredevil as well as his comic book series "Clerks" and "Jay & Silent Bob" for Oni.

    • Cast Alan Rickman as Metatron in Dogma (1999) after learning Rickman was a fan of Chasing Amy (1997).

    • He shot a pictorial of his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, for Playboy Magazine.

    • His all-time top 5 favorite movies (in no particular order) are: JFK (1991), A Man for All Seasons (1966), Jaws (1975), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), and Do the Right Thing (1989).

    • He attended Vancouver Film School but dropped out halfway through.

    • Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes appeared in the music video "Because I Got High" by singer/songwriter Afroman.

    • He will not use the opening credit "A Kevin Smith Film" because he believes a film is the work of ALL the people involved, not just the director.

    • Graduated from Henry Hudson Regional in Highlands, New Jersey in 1988.

    • He runs a production company in New Jersey called ViewAskew.

    • He sold his comic book collection for money to film Clerks (1994) and after the film was a success he bought the collection back.

    • He dated Kimberly Loughran and Joey Lauren Adams at one time.

    • He owns a comic book and viewaskew merchandise store, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, in both Red Bank, New Jersey and Los Angeles, Calfiornia.

    • Kevin is a known comic book fan. Besides owning a chain of comic stores, he also refers to comics in his films. This includes Brody's love for comics in Mallrats, Brody owning a comic shop of his own in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and even Jay and Silent Bob being made into comic book characters in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    • Nickname: "Moves" (by longtime friend and collaborator Jason Mewes).

    • Directed and starred in The Goops' "Build Me Up, Buttercup" music video, for the movie Mallrats (1995).

    • Directed Soul Asylum's "Can't Even Tell" music video for the movie Clerks (1994).

    • Directed two Diet Coke Commercials (1997).

    • On June 26, 1999, Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn is born. She is named after the character, Harley Quinn, in the Batman: The Animated Series (1992).

    • His first five films feature himself and Jason Mewes as the characters Silent Bob and Jay. They also appeared in cameos in the movies: Drawing Flies (1996) and Scream 3 (2000).

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: I'm so not an art guy. I certainly can appreciate good art when I see it, but I don't read a book based on the artist, I never really think about it.

    • (Talking about Quentin Tarantino)
      Kevin: A couple of years later, I saw him at the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back premiere and he loved the movie. I was like "You? You loved that movie?" But he really did. His only complaint was that he wasn't in it. He said: "You made a movie about Miramax and you didn't put me in it?"

    • Kevin Smith: The writer crafts their ideal world. In my world, everyone has really long conversations or just picks apart pop culture to death and everyone talks in monologue.

    • (Kevin Smith is talking about Jason Mewes and thier movie Jay and Silent Bob strike back.)
      Kevin Smith: We're such great actors they gave us our own movie once. And that will never happen again.

    • Kevin Smith: In Hollywood, you just kind of fail upwards.

    • Kevin Smith: I appreciate who Christ was and what Christ did, but I'm not really into the Dogma.

    • Kevin Smith: I think I do what I do because I grew up fat. My comedy comes from that. Thanks for bringing up really painful memories.

    • (Regarding his role as Silent Bob)
      Kevin Smith: Why did I give myself the Marcel Marceau part? I can't really act!

    • (Regarding doing a science fiction movie)
      Kevin Smith: A science fiction movie? I think I have made a science fiction movie Chasing Amy. You go ask..That'll never happen!

    • Kevin Smith: Yes, I believe in god.Why? Because I have a career. There can be no better explanation or proof of the existence of god than the fact that I have a film career!

    • Kevin Smith: If you go off the road, it could be a while.

    • Kevin Smith: I'm going to Hell. I know it. But I knew that back on Dogma. It's not news to me. I'm just going to enjoy the ride on the way there.

    • Kevin Smith: Sometimes the path you are on is not as important as the direction you are heading.

    • Kevin Smith: I wasn't disappointed by The Phantom Menace. I know a lot of people were but I was one of those cats who wasn't. You go in with low expectations, or not expecting it to bring you right back to the days of your youth, but it's kind of a fun movie.

    • Kevin Smith: On one hand I'll stand up there and think I'm a pretty good storyteller but it has everything to do with the audience. Invariably, I get people telling me that I should do stand-up. Stand-ups generate their own material, but I'm up there answering questions and they lob me softballs.

    • Kevin Smith: If I had any balls whatsoever, I'd make nothing but Jay and Silent Bob flicks for the rest of my life. However, being a critical whore, I've gotta move on and 'grow' beyond those characters.

  • A Director That Believes in Himself

    When Kevin Smith had his vision for Clerks and needed money, he willingly maxed out his credit cards and sold his beloved comic book collection to make his film. It was a huge and risky gamble as he would have been in massive debt if his film flopped.

    His vision was a huge success, allowing himself to pay back his debt and even get his comic book collection back. To have that much faith in something proves Kevin Smith is an awesome director.moreless
  • superb

    When Kevin Smith is funny in a movie, he's funny. I've seen Jersey Girl, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, both Clerks, his appearances on the teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation, and Dogma. Almost all of these films are really funny. I don't like them as much as other people seem to, but I do think they all have their hilarious moments. He seems to be a great guy. I wish he would make more Jay and Silent Bob movies, or at least another Clerks film, but oh well I guess. He seems like a nice guy and it would be interesting to meet him sometime. Not my favorite filmmaker or anything but he is decent enough and I really do wish he would make more movies in the future, preferably comedy of coursemoreless