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Kevin Smith (II)

Kevin Smith (II)


3/16/1963, Auckland, New Zealand



Birth Name

Kevin Tod Smith


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One of New Zealand's most popular and accomplished actors, Smith has amassed an impressive list of credits in film, theater and television. He has enjoyed starring roles in such hit series as TV New Zealand's Gloss, Marlin Bay and Shortland Street and has performed in dozens of stage…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Kevin Smith died way before his time. He was the most gorgous man on the face of the Earth! He is truly missed and loved by all this family and friends.moreless

    I will miss Kevin Smith! He was just the cutest guy I have ever seen!! He die way before his time. He was so funny and talented. He even sang! I am still after all this time in shock of his death. All the time i watch Xena and see him if feel so sad. I just love Old Ares had a farm. Man was he so hot in that. He looked so good in black. He looked good with long hair or short, it just did not matter. Kevin you are loved and still adored by all your fans. You are still making fans long after you are gone. R.I.P. Kevin.moreless
  • one of the best actors of all time

    I have to say i really dont have any idea how to desribe how i feel about him in words. As i said in the forum, he is one of the most talented actors i have ever had the privilege of being able to watch. It truly pains me to know that he is dead, because he could have been so much more, as he is one of the greats. He was my favourite character on Xena: Warrior Princess, and at the beginning of every episode, I would eagerly look for his name in the guest star credits. his legacy lives on through these shows, and his wife and three sons, and he will never be forgotten, as he is a magnificent man who deserved more in this life. We miss you buddy, hope its awesome in the elysian fields!moreless