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    • Kevin: (on his charity A World Fit for Kids) I have been their spokesperson for six years... they came to me... I was looking to do something with kids. A lot of great charities help kids with illnesses, but there are so many kids who need help of a different variety. Kids are looking for a place to belong... I loved school, I thought it was great and sports were my haven. They kept me out of trouble... and that is what we do with kids. We help inner-city kids become mentors to younger kids, this way it gives them responsibility and offers [the kids] people who care.

    • Kevin: (when asked if he feared being typecast after playing Hercules) I didn't care... it's tough enough to get a job, whether it's in Hollywood or on TV, let alone the politics... I started thinking about it maybe in season six, and definitely season seven, like, what if I become the Gilligan of my show!

    • Kevin: (revealing he is angry at director Sam Raimi, for not casting him in any of his Spider-Man films) I busted my ass on Hercules and I almost died doing it. I had an aneurysm that exploded in my body that almost killed me. I think I'm a good enough actor that he can put me in a secondary part in one of his feature films. It would be nice if he did that. I think he's holding a grudge over me. He wanted me to do a movie back in 1996 when I decided to do Kull the Conqueror. ... Quite frankly, the movie was horrible. It is very infantile from a guy who's as powerful as he is and as wealthy as he is. Throw me a bone. Why not let me do something?

    • Kevin Sorbo: (when asked if he's watched the new Hercules DVD set) I watched a few of them not too long ago to do some commentary. I haven't seen the episodes in years so it was weird to look back on them.

    • Kevin Sorbo: (when asked to compare his shows Andromeda and Hercules) I think what makes them similar is that I am lucky to be working with great groups of people.

    • Kevin: (about his show Andromeda ending after five seasons) I think the studio and I are both ready to do other things. It's not the monster that Hercules was, but it is still the number one first-run syndicated show.

    • Kevin: (on whether he enjoys sci-fi/fantasy genre shows) I was always a big Star Trek fan.

    • Kevin Sorbo: (comparing Andromeda to other Gene Roddenberry shows) What makes this show different from other Gene Roddenberry shows is simple. I think the blend of characters is different than other Roddenberry series.

    • Kevin: (on his early career as a model and commercial actor) I was an actor first. The whole modeling thing happened because I was dating a model. I didn't ever look at myself as a commercial actor.

    • Kevin: (asked what superpower he'd like to have) The ability to kill every terrorist on the planet.

    • Kevin: The funny thing about television is that once you start to do it you never get time to watch it.

    • Kevin: (asked his favorite favorite episode from the third or fourth seasons of Hercules) "Mercenary" is one that is in my top-ten. That was Michael's directorial debut.