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    This is the most personal film Kevin Spacey has ever been a part of, he wrote it, directed it... produced it, and took the role of Bobby Darin on himself, singing and dancing while keeping the drama of Darin's life alive.

    It came as a pleasant surprise to me, that Kevin could sing that well... and dance!
    I already loved him as an actor and as a person, but he now is also one of my favorite singers...

    These days, when actors give a shot at singing... it's a drama, and even though Kevin didn't end up in MTV's top 40... he is one of the few actors, who's actually good at both acting and singing!

    He played in many musicals, i knew that, but never heard him sing until i saw this film.
    It took me a lot of trouble to get my hands on his CD, but i after months of failing attempts, i finally found a website who could shift it from the US to Holland... i was SO happy that i got the CD in the mail, and i've played it like crazy ever since!

    If you didn't buy the CD yet, you really should give it a shot... go to your local music store and give it a try, you can buy it if you like it... and if you don't... you leave it
    But really, give it a shot

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    He is INCREDIBLE . I loved his awesome performances in "Beyond The Sea" . I love this man!

    Indeed , He can sing and dance so well


    Sing us "Dream lover" ,cuttie!

    Is here any other fan?

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