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  • One of the few I would like to have breakfast with!

    If only to talk with him...I think he is a very talented man, as an actor and as a singer. His movies make me laugh at certain moments, which is an aspect in a film, however serious the plot, is essential for me liking it. Whatever his personal preferences (sometimes the possibilities of the internet can be way too much) I really appreciate the man for his performances and I thank him for giving me a good time every movie of him that I watch! And since I just "learned" about the man I have still some movies left to catch up with. Lucky me!
  • More faces than a masquerade. Genius!

    Who is Kaiser Sose? Who is the serial killer describing the seven deadly sins in blood? Who's the middle aged husband doing pot and perving over his daughter's friend? Who's Lex Luthor? Who's the sweetheart teacher telling kids to Pay it Forward? They're all the same guy. He is a serious, serious genius, an actor on another level altogether. There are some actors that you just take seriously, and he's one of them. He hasn't hit the tripple digets for movies yet, but he's still a real pro. I won't be surprised to see him acting 20 years from now, just as strong as he is today. He does a wonderful creepy guy, and another wonderful sweet guy, and then the mix of the two that just gives you the giggling chills...
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    One of the best actors of our times. He has appeared in great, numerous roles, from American Beauty, Superman Returns, The Usual Suspects, L.A. Confidential, and basically a lot of intense, very well done and great films that one should not miss, because Kevin Spacey is one of the best actors around. He is great.
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    I mean Kevin Spacey is just one of those classicly great actors who picks his roles carefully and with each movie, he proves that he is one of the most talented actors of our time. His top role has to be that role in "The Usual Suspects."
  • He's my dream man... really, he is :) dreamed of him last night again!

    Oh, Kevin Spacey!!!!
    He is such a great actor, a very lovely man!
    I have never met him, but i got friends who did, and i got nothing but good stories about him
    I sure would love to meet him, but i'm too nervous to LOL

    He is an actor like no other!
    Jack Lemmon is the only man who i'd put on one line as him... absolutely great people!
    I was very pleased to find out that they were friends, i had no idea until two years ago, but i really was pleased by the news, i always wanted them to do a film together, it's a good thing that they did :D

    Kevin Spacey is very down to earth... nothing like a lot of those arrogant 100% Hollywood ... people... :-p
    Good at everything he does, by the way.
    It doesn't matter if he does Drama, Humour, Thriller or Romance... he is good at it all!
    Singing, Dancing, Acting, Directing, Producing, Writing... he does it all! He's amazing!

    ;D i sure would love to meet him some time... maybe i should just do it... *sigh*
  • Who did they get for the part? Kevin Freaking Spacey.

    What dark dungeon did they drag this guy out of – As you can see I’m NOT as Spacey fan. I don’t know why he’s even casts in half the roles he gets. I suppose on some strange planet in the far reaches of ‘spacey’ his pretending constitutes acting.

    I don’t blame him – I blame the directors and casting staff – well I also blame him for accepting many of the parts. Maybe its poor casting and selection on his part but most of the movies he has been involved in just show up more of his negatives.

    I hope he retires soon, I sincerely hope so.
  • Kevin is the best actor. He is the best. Love all his movies.

    He is FANTASTIC at what he does. He is, i think the best actor in 2006. He protrays his characters so well and beliveable.I have seen "American Beauty" - now that was an awsome movie he was in, he brang a warmth and reality to his character. Also in Superman returns - an exellent job especially meeting expectations to Lex Luther one of the all time greatest villins. Also he lookd hot as Lex even if he was bald and was evil!! He also is in allot of awsome movies and he obviously has wikid taste in movies. Top actor deserves claps so CLAPS TO KEVIN.