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Kevin Trudeau

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  • What you don't know can hurt you. What he didn't know, got him sent to federal prison.

    What Kevin Trudeau didn't know, as it turns out, was anything relevant or accurate about general health and medical science. The man who has written two top-selling books about so-called 'natural cures' and starred in umpteen self-authored infomercials for his non-drug schemes, actually served time for credit card fraud and paid $2 million to settle the Federal Trade Commission's case against him in 2004.

    There's a lot more to him than the smiling face you see on tv.

    Trudeau is not a doctor, yet he touts all kinds of herbs and other homeopathic materials as the cures for everything from skin cancer to the visible signs of aging. No license, no training, and he seems to skate awfully close to breaking the terms of the FTC fiat against his televised appearances (see for more) every time he turns around.

    Do a search for his name and you'll discover more of the truth behind the wide-eyed charlatan. If you have health questions, take them to a trained professional--someone who knows what they're doing.moreless