Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman


12/29/1970, Los Angeles, California

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Kevin Weisman was born and raised in Los Angeles. He received a BA from UCLA's prestigious School of Theatre/Film/Television and also studied at New York's Circle in the Square Theatre. He is a founding member of the award-winning and critically acclaimed Buffalo Nights Theatre Company and appeared in…more


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    • Kevin Weisman: (about scripts on Alias) I do a lot of improvising. They're very gracious in terms of letting me come up with stuff.

    • Kevin Weisman: (about technology considering his role as tech expert on Alias) Yeah, I like technology. I mean I have surround at home so I can listen to the Lakers.

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    His role on Alias was one of the hardest thigns a writing team could ever ask an acotr to do and Kevin stepped up and delivered in such a huge way for Alias. While his character was more of a background, comimcal relief from the tense episode kind of guy - I still loved seeing him go out on the occasional mission. I thought that the acting done by Kevin is almost emmy worthy, though I dont remember much of anything when Alias was on the air itslef, I watched them all on DVD. I dont think Kevin is ever the kind of guy that could lead a series to success, but his performance in Alias will likely be the best of his entire carrer.moreless
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    Kevin Weisman is so talented.. He plays the role so well on Alias. I wish it would go on but now maybe you could put him on 24 as the same nerdy CIA computer assistent. He would be really great on that show as Marcheal working with Coly. What do you think? I will surly miss Kevin (Marcheal) and his character on Alias. What is he going to do? Does any one know? Tonights show was well done. Really happy to see every one back. Please put Kevin on 24 its just a must. That's it for now. Untill next week.moreless