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    • (on dealing with his mother's Dementia)
      Kevin: From the time you are a tiny baby, a parent's love is usually unconditional. Whatever you do, your parents think you are the tops, but when their memory goes you stop recouping the love you've put in. I still act the same, I still love her the same, I still care for her the same, but gradually you get less and less love back. I feel as though I am grieving for the mother I have lost, even though she's still alive.

    • (on the real star of "Lewis" or "Morse")
      Kevin: I think it's fair to say that Oxford is very much the star of the films. Wherever you point the camera you have a great shot.

    • (speaking in January 2006 about why he thinks it unlikely at Auf Weidersehen Pet will come back to TV)
      Kevin: We do a charity show in Newcastle every year. It's for The Sammy Johnson Memorial Fund (set up in memory of the late actor who starred in the series). We raise a few thousand every year with this show we do with the boys from the band Lindisfarne. It sells out in minutes and it's great - like a rock show. But I don't think there's any chance of a comeback on that front. We're all a bit too long in the tooth for that now.

    • (on the kind of shows/roles he gets offered)
      Kevin: You get pigeonholed. Some people are film stars and some are theatre stars who do one-off telly. Somehow, I get into long-running series. Luckily they've all been successful, and so that's what I get offered. You can't get away from it.

    • (his thoughts on divorce lawyers, in relation to the drama "Who Gets the Dog?")
      Kevin: At my age I have a lot of friends who've been through exactly this and it all rings horribly true. My opinion of solicitors is the same as it always has been. I think they're overpaid and, like a lot of our professional jobs, they're never liable when it goes wrong. They can walk away from the car crash. Our characters are not the nicest people but I think the law has got a lot to answer for in a number of ways.

    • Kevin: I would have loved to have played cricket for England, even though I've never been particularly good at it.

    • (on the original series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet)
      Kevin: They were very funny scripts and, somehow, I had less responsibility in those days. It could so easily have gone horribly wrong if we'd had a very strict director and floor manager. But in fact, they let us get away with murder and I think some of that chemistry came across on the screen.

    • (on what makes first "Morse" and now "Lewis" different)
      Kevin: I like to be bemused by things that have more to them than meets the eye. We've always, on Morse and now Lewis, thought of our storylines less as whodunits and more as ways of looking at the human condition.

    • (on the thought of doing love scenes)
      Kevin: I can't be doing with any torrid love scenes at my age. Some of that goes back to my daughter Kitty saying when she was quite little: 'Dad, we're not going to see your bum again are we?

    • (talking about "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet")
      Kevin: I'm very sentimental about Auf Wiedersehen, because, not just mine, but all of our kids were born while we were filming those first two series, and they've all grown up and know each other and some have gone into the profession. I love Dick and Ian's scripts, and it's a great luxury to work with your friends.

    • (On his dream role)
      Kevin: Something very swashbuckling that I'd be hopeless at - Robin Hood or William Tell!

    • (On expections of the series "Lewis" compared to "Inspector Morse")
      Kevin: A lot of the old Morse fans will tune in and I want to play down the expectations that it will be Morse, because it can't be. John was a particularly special actor - in my view he was the best TV actor we've ever had - so you want to aim high. But you can't expect it to be Morse. It's Lewis.

    • (On how "Lewis", the "Inspector Morse" sequel should handle the character of Lewis)
      Kevin: I don't think he should have a love interest. It's much more important to get the story working well rather than have a soap-style thing going on. The viewers know Lewis so well by now so his character is quite fixed.