Kevin Zegers

Kevin Zegers


9/19/1984, St.Mary's, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Kevin Joseph Zegers



Also Known As

Ziggy, Kevy, Kevin J. Zegers
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Kevin Joseph Zegers was born Sep 19, 1984 in St. Marys, Ontario, and grew up in Woodstock, Ontario. He has two sisters, Katie and Krista. He graduated from a Catholic boys school in 2002.

Zegers began his performing career at an early age, appearing in numerous commercials. He…more


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    • Kevin: (talking about the sexuality of his role Alec in The Mortal Instruments) The thing that I didn't want was for him to be some generic, prototypical character, what people would expect from the gay character. For me, it was about creating a character whose sexuality didn't matter… I actually don't think it's that big of a f–king issue anymore. Certainly not with me, and especially not with the generation that read this book. So it wasn't something that we really focused on. But one thing I was aware of was the fact that there haven't been many great examples of a really strong gay character, one of the leads in a really big movie who happens to be gay and who's also kind of a badass.

    • Kevin: (talking about his relationship with The Mortal Instruments co-star Lily Collins) I heard that my girl Lily is on the cover of Girlfriend this month! We both live in LA so she - and my wife- and I talk all the time. She's a dear friend and honestly just the sweetest, most genuine girl, aside from being a great actress. She's just the nicest, nicest girl you'd ever want to run into! We've managed to stay really close, which isn't as common as you'd think. We've been lucky enough to have her in our life.

    • Kevin: (talking about how it feels to be married) We've been together for just over six years. I felt married since I proposed to her, so we wanted [the wedding] to be a party. You rarely have a chance to have everyone in your life in the same room together. It was one of those nights that went off without a hitch.

    • Kevin: (Talking about his wife Jaime) She is the best version of what I'd like to be. She's my best friend. And now also my wife!

    • Kevin: (about how he proposed to Jamie) I took Jaime out for a walk in the morning with our dog and went down to the beach and proposed. We've been together for six years, so I've been through a lot with her. I designed the engagement ring and did a specific movie to pay for it.

    • Kevin: I wish I were taller. And I can't grow facial hair.

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