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  • i think hes so damn sexy. i hope to meet him one day.

    i just have to let everyone know that if i were ever to meet this man, i would marry and have his kids. he is so adorable and i love all his movies. he's a great actor and hopefully one day i could see him. this probably has nothing to do with what im supposed to write, but i just had to let it be known!!!
  • I think I met him once

    He's very good looking and I think at one time I met him at a bar and we went out. He was an excellent kisser and very mysterious. I think he was my perfect match. I think that he and Golden Brookes are the most romantic couple on television. I think that a couple that falls in love from high school and are married is truly sexy and romantic.
    When I think about them I think about my high school crush Emannuel(Manny) Brown and myself.