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  • Khandi

    A terrific actress. Her part on CSI is a good one for her. She is a very strong, yet caring and sensitive woman. All the best to Ms. Alexander in her life and career from her fans in Washington State.
  • The heart of CSI Miami

    Though Caruso is the star, Proctor is the second fiddle, Rodriguez is the hunk, Togo and earlier Cochrane as the more talented co-stars but still hunky, Khandi is somewhere in-between all four!
    Because her cool, calm, collected, but sympathetic and heartfelt role as Alexx is the heart to the show.
    She brings and makes the dead like they are alive.
    Making sure that they aren't forgotten.
    And they do have a story to tell as well!
  • Khandi, Deanar Young, remember me, dancer, L.A. mid 80s? Juba. I have been inspired by you doing various roles from Laywers to Crack heads! You are fierce my sista.. "One day at a Time" Your HP has done a marvelous job. God bless! Regards, Deanar

    Khandi needs her own show now...she deserves to a principle role with supporting actors by her side. I look forward to see you in The Corner. You have matured also as in actor and a beautiful woman. Your day is coming when Hollywood will give a show of your own, my prayers are with you...Keep comin' back!