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  • Kary Payton voices a great Teen Titans Hero: Cyborg!

    Hey this guy's good! Cyborg is a Teen Titans hero on a very good Show! I think he's a good voice Actor and was chosen to have a good role! I love Teen Titans! Cyborg is an African-American dude that is now half-human and half-machine/robotic. he has a lot of different gadgets and useful tools in his Metla Armor to help his Friends! Plus in one of the Episodes he has a great Hi-tech Automobile! SO this is gvreat that Payton has a voice-acting role for a great Teen Titans hero! Um, let's see...he is also funny which means Cyborg is also funny! Booya! That's like Cyborg's favorite word! Cool!
  • Khary Payton is one of my all time favorites!

    Khary Payton is one of my all time favorites! My favorite role of his is Cyborg (the half - human, half - robot teenage butt kicking machine that can do anything you could think of with his super cool robot powers blended in perfectly with his human side so he has very few weak spots with his good human abilities and his awsome robot abilities.) Khary Payton is also Roger the director on Hannah Montana. Khary Payton is on of my my personal favorites. He should have his own television show. If he had a show, theres no dought I would definately watch it.
  • sexy texan

    Khary is a very talented man. Not to mention drop daed gorgeous. like i said in my blog, his voice makes me weak in the knees. Hes so funny and very good at what he does. hes awsome and very sexy ^_^ i think im in love.(hahaha)look him up and find his face.
    see ya
  • Cant help but love the guy!

    A talented man, he does superb in Voice acting. He's one of the reasons why Cyborg (Teen Titans) is my favorite charater from the show. I love his voice, and the many charaters he plays. He deffitnatlly goes on my 5 top favorite voice actors list. I hope he does more work soon!
  • Not the best, but he gets the job done.

    He does a great job voicing Cyborg on Teen Titans. However, Cyborg's voice is not really that special. Anyways, he should continue doing Cyborg's voice because I doubt anyone could do Cyborg's voice better. Sadly, Teen Titans is getting cancelled. Overall, Khary Payton is an average voice actor, but very good, too.