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    • Khloe Kardashian: (on her experience on "Celebrity Apprentice") The show is really hard. You wake up every morning at 4am to start hair and makeup, and by the time you're done filming it's about midnight. It goes every single day. You might get a day off that week, you might not. The challenges are incredibly hard, and everything you do yourself. It's not just for TV. Nobody helps you. They give you a task and you have to find a way to do it, and you've got to make sure you do it right or else you're going to get fired. You obviously want to do well because now your career is kind of put on the line. All of us who did the show own businesses. You want to present yourself in an educated way and that you know what you're doing, but it's hard and it's scary. There are so many other elements involved; you're exhausted. But, it was fun and I was the youngest one on the show, so I feel like I learned a lot.