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    • Khloe Kardashian: (On how getting a DUI changed her life) The biggest impact it had on me was actually going to my DUI classes. You sit in these classes and you listen to a lot of people of all different ages. There are people who are underage who got DUIs and I would have people walk in the classes that were, like, eighty-two! Really cute older people that you would not think would have DUIs, but they've had, like, seven. You hear all these stories and you're just like, "Oh my God. I never want that to happen to me again." Someone killed an individual, and hearing the stories really do make an impact on you. It just made me want to be better for my little sisters and for my twenty-one year old brother. I think everything happens to people for a reason. I'm still grateful that this happened to me, because I'm the one that gets to now really teach my family. I've learned a lot and now I'm always the advocate to my friends. If someone has had too much to drink, I'll make sure I drive them home. All of the drama you go through and what could have happened to somebody, or me, it's such a dumb thing. I could have spent eighty dollars to get into a cab. I've spent probably sixty grand on my DUI, alone.