Kia Stevens

Kia Stevens


9/4/1977, Carson, California

Birth Name

Kia Stevens



Also Known As

Awesome Kong, Amazing Kong, Amazon Kong, Margaret
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Kia Stevens is a female professional that wrestles for the TNA and SHIMMER Ladies wrestling promotions.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On January 7th, 2008, Awesome Kong won her first TNA Women's Championship by defeating the original holder Gail Kim in a rematch from their Final Resolution NoDQ match.

    • These are the titles she has won in her short 5 year career:

      1 time AJWPW Japan Grand Prix Champ in 2003

      1 time AAAW Tag Team Champ, Hustle Super Tag Team Champion, LLPW Tag Team Championship with Japanese female wrestling legend Aja Kong

      2 time NEO Ladies Pro Wrestling tag champ with Matsuo Haruka and Kyoko Kimura

    • In June of 2007, Kong participated in England's International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom's (IPW:UK) production of Chickfight 9, 8 women tournament match that had her defeating all the women to pick up the win.

    • When wrestling these are her favorite wrestling holds:
      Finisher: Sitout Powerbomb

      Signature moves:
      Amazing Press
      Gorilla press

    • When wrestling for the indy promotion SHIMMER Women Athletes and the Japanese promotion NEO Ladies Pro Wrestling, her entrance music is "Who Ride Wit Us?" by Kurupt.

    • She is a former 1 time WWWA World Heavyweight Champion and a 1 time WWWA World Tag Team Championship that she held with Japanese female wrestling star Aja Kong.

    • Kong defeated MsChif in May of 2007 to pick up the NWA World Women's championship and is still the reigning title holder.

    • She retired undeafeated in MMA while Japan.

    • With her living in Japan for 5 years, she is fluent in Japanese.

    • She does a version of retired wrestler Lex Luger's Torture Rack submission move and she calls her version the Accordion Rack.

    • During an interview in December of 2007, she stated that Chyna of WWF wrestling fame had a big impression on her as a female wrestler.

    • The Kong part of her name was given to her by the AJWPW (All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling).

    • When she was a kid growing up, her favorite wrestler was The Undertaker and when she got older her favorites became The Rock and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

    • Before training at the All Japan Pro Wrestling dojo, she was trained by fellow wrestler Jesse Hernandez at the School of Hard Knocks.

    • While wrestling in TNA she uses the name Awesome Kong, and when wrestling in other promotions as Amazing Kong.

    • Kia was trained by the Inoki L.S. Dojo in Japan.

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