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  • One of a kind.

    Kiefer Sutherland is a one of a kind actor. The diversity of the roles he plays shows just how great he is. I love him in 24. I also loved him in Lost Boys. Every movie, show, whatever he is in shows how much talent he has. His role in 24 has been, I feel, one of his most challanging. He plays the part so well. He can go from good to acting bad in a blink of an eye. He is a believable actor. You want to love him and hate him all in the same show. That shows the true talent of an actor.
  • An amazing and unique actor.

    I love Kiefer Sutherland. From the Lost Boys to Flatliners, to 24. He is all together amazing. He has such talent, like his father, and is right where he should be at the top. Id have to say, one of my Favourite Kiefer Movies, is Flatliners. He did a brilliant job. I also love him in 24. I own the first season and am so pround of him ( hehe). GO KIEFER!
  • Kiefer Sutherland is a rock star, and his role as Jack Bauer on 24 is the role he was born to play. He's fabulous!

    I have really enjoyed watching Kiefer Sutherland play Jack Bauer on 24. He is born to play an action hero. He is definitely one of the best actors on television today. Can't wait to see the new stories they come up with next season on 24. As long as they keep Kiefer Sutherland in the show, it's gonna be tough to stop watching! He's also a total cutie too!
  • Well he is my hero!!:)

    If i could meet anyone in this world it would definately be him. he is the most amaizing actor ever. he makes 24 interesting. if it werent for him Randy Moss would still be my biggest hero!:) All he needs is a gun and he can take care of anything......actualy he doesnt even need a gun:)
  • Kiefer is the greatest actor i have ever seen. He "is" 24. Kiefer has the sexist voices ever and I absolutly love him. Check out my web page on him @

    The greatest actor ever!! He has stared in about 60 movies/tv. he is very talented and can play a varity of roles. Good guy and Bad guy. I would encourage everyone to see his movies. kiefer Also does the voice overs for FORD commercials. Kiefer is truly a Talented actor.
  • Kiefer is just perfect! Need I say more?!

    I have adored Kiefer for more than 15 years now. I love all of his movies. Even the ones where he is the bad guy. How could you not love that voice!!!! So sexy! I wish I could meet him one day. I look forward to his show \\\'24\\\' and any new movies! Because I will be watching!
    And I bet living in Montana is wonderful! I would move there in a second! I have always loved Montana!!! What a beautiful state!
  • With a honey-gravel voice that could scare you to death or make you melt- Kiefer Sutherland is an underused treasure.

    As Jack Bauer he has the intensity and heart that in extremis most of us would kill for! (Except that Jack actually would.)

    I adore his double edged character- for want of a more suitable phrase, he is essentially 'a soft centred sweetie' -hard on the outside...

    Kiefer Sutherland has brought to life this complex and gritty character- I have every faith that Kiefer can keep his fine acting going as long as his father (hopefully not always cast as the token psychopath or sociopath, he can and has done so much more).

    But, and I say this with a quiver in my voice- how much more can the Agent formerely known as Jack Bauer take?
  • Greatest Actor ever!!

    This man is the greatest actor ever
    24 rock woooh woooh go 24!!!
    go jack go jack go kiefer go keifer
    sorry 4 the crappy review but i dont have time right now i jus wanted 2 say that kiefer rocks & 24 will never die!!!! okay 50 words done now!
  • Acting is in his blood. Both his father and his mother were acting before he was born. His early success in movies did not last. His career was revitalized when he became Jack Bauer on the series 24.

    Keifer Sutherland was one of the bad boys of hollywood in his early career. With stand out roles in both Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, he appeared ready for greatness. However, he hit a slump in 1990s and went to Montana. There he briefly became a roper on the rodeo curcuit.
    A risky concept show called 24 shot him back to superstar status. As Jack Bauer, he takes on the world in the show where events take place in real time. Each episode is a different hour of the very intense day. With the prospects of the show succceeding slim, the writers attempted to bring many of the major storylines to an end by midway through the first season. However, the surge of the show in popularity kept it away from cancellation. Many describe the show as movie quality television. Sutherland\'s work on the show is both intense and thought provoking. While his character is asked to do the impossible time and again, Sutherland is able to play it as though it were really happening to him. He is an excellent actor well fit to his part.
  • Full os gifts... he 's one of the most amassing actors ever...

    As director, producer and of course, actor... he is , to me, a man that is full a of gifts in arts...

    24, with 5 seasons so far, has showed us a tough guy full of surprices... almost a ironman... capable of anythig just to save us all... very profesional

    Anyway I'd like to have the chance to see him in movies again, such a great actor!

  • Full os gifts... he 's one of the most amassing actors ever...

    As director, producer and of course, actor... he is , to me, a man that is full a of gifts in arts...

    24, with 5 seasons so far, has showed us a tough guy full of surprices... almost a ironman... capable of anythig just to save us all... very profesional

    Anyway I'd like to have the chance to see him in movies again, such a great actor!

  • Made 24 perfect.

    Their is no actor like Kiefer Sutherland. The reason is becuase watching 24 I can't see any actor ever of replacing him on the show; and if that ever happened the show would get cancelled after he leaves. Every season gets greater and greater because of Kiefer's acting. They can replace anyone on the show and it won't hurt the show because everybody loves Kiefer's acting.
  • If you don't watch 24...You don't know Jack!

    Kiefer Sutherland, by far, is one of the greatest actors of our time. He is just so amazing in delivering performances. He has proven to be one of the greats over the years showing great respect to his elders. Also, he is well respected by many of his fellow acting peers due to his many SAG award wins. If there was anything bad to say about this amazing actor, no one would dare, because there is nothing negative to say and if there was... well then Kiefer wouldn't take long to make us change out minds. He is truly an in inspiration to me and many other watchers and seekers of his talents.
  • Candaians sure know how to do it.

    Wow, is pretty much how i sum up the Reefer. An amazing actor, a party animal and a real top bloke. I am lucky enough to have met Kiefer in real life and he is a genuine fantastic bloke, i guess it is becuase he was born in London ;)
    Jack Bauer is my favourite TV character of all time, an absolute legend. That owes great credit to 24's writers but a hell of a lot to Kiefer for delivering the performances he does. I am so glad that 24 is a huge success and he has won awards for his portrayal of the famous CTU agent. His performances in other films of recent years has also improved his stature in hollywood after a real poor patch in the 90's. See you at the bar Kiefer.
  • Good actor!

    After his movie career flopped
    Due to his teen roles no longer anymore
    He has found his trademark character
    As Jack Bauer, the CTU federal agent
    Trying to save the world and despite his professional life blossoming
    Jack's personal life has taken a blow
    Due to his wife's death as well as his daughter's estrangement
    I am glad to see him on weekly series tv
    This role was definately made for him
    Glad for Keifer!
  • Convincing!

    The man is an acting genius. There could be no one else as Jack Bauer. I have never really liked nor disliked the man until "24". Now I think he should be given every emmy that can be given to one person during an award show. I had the opportunity to watch him work last season. They were filming "24" at my apartment building. He was very professional and very serious when it came to his work. He gave nothing but the best every single take. He was also very cool. No ego, no attitude, just very cool. I don't want to sound all Broke Back about him, but I do admire his work.
  • That sums it up for me in one word..He is great

    My friend actually last year told me about 24,I had heard of the show but never really paid much attention to it.
    I finally watched the first few episodes of season 1 and thought 'wow' this show seems to be alright..

    Well after a few more episodes i just had to keep watching the show,and i havent

    I have watched every episode and it is by far one of the best shows i have ever followed,Kiefer Sutherland is perfect in the show..24 would not be the same if it was not for Jack.

    Oh and yeh Kiefer is absolutely Gorgeous..Most shows lose some of their spark after a few seasons go by but as for 24, I can actually say every season is just as good as the last..

    Keep it up its a Great show..
  • Mr. Kiefer Sutherland is the hottest!

    Kiefer Sutherland is so fabulous! I would recomend that everyone in the entire world to see all of his movies they are so great. Even if you don't like the man (which I don't know how you could) just looking at the man gives me chills. I can't get enough of his hottness.
  • My Hero. Period.

    Okay. There's one thing you'll never believe. But I swear it. My aunt's ex-husband is Donald Sutherland's second cousin. I don't know what that makes Kiefer to me. If you know what your uncle's seconth cousin's son would be, then don't hesitate to put it up!

    What I think of him:

    Until I saw 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM on Season 4 of 24, I had heard of 24, but had never heard of Kiefer. When I did I thought this show is great. This guy is great. And then I find out I'm related to him and at that time he was becoming my favorite TV Actor.

    Kiefer is a great person and I think people divorced him and dumped him because they are retarded. That's why Kiefer got his daughter. He probably won in court before I could say Kiefer. Also, about his daughter, she's the only person I can think of that cares about him. Besides his parents. Of course his parents love him. And I think that noone can do better than Kiefer at Acting. In the whole course of 24, Jack's only been shot three times. 2 times in the game (this does not include when you are playing) and 1 time in Season 1. So James Bond was literally ripped in half and thrown in the garbage. Then it was moved into Paul's bodybag when he died. Kiefer, if you ever come across this, I want you to know that you, my dad, my mom, my stepfather, my uncle John (I think you know him), and all animals (I LOVE animals) are the #1 People on the face of this earth.
  • Amazing in 24 as Jack, Kiefer is an incredibly talented actor that I really enjoy watching weekly.

    24 would not be the same without him. The fast paced action drama would not be the same without him as Jack. A highly talented actor who was in many films before starring in 24 I was very happy. Every week he delievers an amazing preformance whether he is trying to save to world or just his relationship with his daughter. Kiefer Sutherland has proven to all that not only is he an amazing action based actor but he is also a very good dramatic actor. If he keeps up the amazing work in 24 I am sure he will soon be one of the most saught after actors in Hollywood.
  • Kiefer Sutherland is amazing actor. I enjoy watching his work especially on 24.

    24 get you off your seat in fear every hour, every season. It is so different form other shows with the spit screens and the ticking clock. Each episode takes place in one hour. The all season take place in the full day. It also uses a lot of music compared to other show. Which make much more intense. All the actors and actress do a fantastic job. As well as the all the CREW of 24.
    In ever season of 24 it get more amazing. It great he doing an other 3 year of 24. I hope he will do more. It wouldn't be the same without Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer.

  • A great actor on his own accord.

    He really should have been a bigger name. I think people underated him due to his father. He is just so cute. Kinda short, but still good looking. He plays such a great bad guy. For such a nice guy in real life, he can be the best bad guy. I love him in twenty four. He finally plays a normal good guy. His roles are usually off hte wall characters or real evil. Its great that he is finally really getting recogniztion. He was well known and did alot of great roles before, but now with 24 he is more widly known.
  • Kiefer finally gets his recognition with Jack Bauer

    Kiefer Sutherland has always been a very talented and consistent actor. For some reason, he hit a period in his career where he just did not get good movie roles. No matter how bad some of his movies may have been, he was always the best part of them and constantly put in good performances.

    One movie that gets no recognition is After Alice. Kiefer is very good in this movie. It's one of his better unknown performaces and I suggest any Kiefer fan checks it out.

    However his talent is fully showcased in 24. Jack Bauer is a cultural icon and such a unique character, that only Kiefer Sutherland could bring to life.

    I'm just happy to see that one of the best actors of our day is finally getting the recognition he deserves.
  • 24 wouldn't be any good without him

    Jack Bauer cannot be played by anyone else but Kiefer Sutherland. And thats a fact. Only problem is that he whispers whenever he talks so he's extremely hard to understand which kinda sucks sometimes cuz then u gotta turn the volume up really high and then the parts with the music and explosions blow the crap outta ur speakers. Besides that, hes pretty good. I saw him in stand by me and he didnt really look the same as he does now at all. But he was still pretty good in that movie. Thats all i got, 97 words, yay!
  • Kiefer is and will allways be a great actor, a great producer - simply the best!!

    Kiefer Sutherland is a camelion.
    In "Eye for an eye" we physically hated his guts,
    in " Phonebooth" we got scared of his voice, which has got to be the warmest, coolest, most delicious voice ever! It has so many levels, and if you hear it - you know it's Kiefer, no doubt about it.
    Last but not least, we know him from "24", which got to be one of the greatest, most brilliant shows on TV in the last two centuries. It's got it all: Emotions, action, drama, (a little bit) humour...everything! It's brilliant nothing less. And I know we are many who wishes and hopes it will cary on for some years...
    Kiefer Sutherland is a great person, and a great actor, who even though he got a lot of success still manage to stay on earth, and not get carried away. He's got one biological daughter who he loves very much. He is a loving person, and you can't help but loving him too.
    Kiefer Sutherland is and will always be a great actor, a great producer - simply the best!!
  • Kiefer Sutherland, what can i say about this great man, He is one reason why 24 is so successful. He plays a role in 24 as a CTU los angelis Agent. He is the main actor and does a very great job in it.

    Kiefer Sutherland is one of my all time favourites. He recently got the Emmy for best actor in a drama series, and he deserves it. He is one of the reasons why i enjoy 24 so much, his acting is so original, and great, that you really think it's real. He is a very good actor and i hope that he gets more roles other than just 24, i would love to see him in some other shows, but for now i want him to keep acting in 24 and do a great job like he is doing now. This is a great actor and he has alot of potential for future careers in televeision or movies.
  • Kiefer Sutherland, right now the hottest star on TV!

    I have been a fan of Kiefer Sutherland ever since I saw "Stand by Me" when I was 13. I have to say most of his roles had been very minor up until 24.
    He is actually the reason that I started watching 24. Even though most people today know him as Jack Bauer, in 24, Kiefer Sutherland has been around for a while. Funny enough he was usually cast as the bad guy, which is probably why most people didn't remember him.
    Now look at him, he saves the day again and again. I think people will remember him now! And I cannot wait to see what more he has to offer his audience.
  • Jack Bau.. i mean, Kiefer Sutherland is one of the best actio heroes. Ever.

    Kiefer is a great actor, however, by now, as 24's 6th season is starting up, he's just got one role to play. Jack Bauer. And thats not a problem. Because he plays Jack Bauer so brilliantly, I actually mistake Kiefer's name, and call him Jack.

    Hes perfect. He knows how to be romantic. How to be an action hero. How to handle drama. How to cry, how to smile, how to WHATEVER. Give Kiefer something, he'll make the best out of it.

    Kiefer is one of the best actors, NOT only on TV. I hope with 24 he wins more emmys. But I also wish his dream will come true, and be the star of a hit-movie. Like...24:the movie?
  • great actor 24 is such a good show

    kiefer sutherland has been acting fora very long time\'
    but within the last few years is when hes gotten the most recognition
    mostly because of the awesome show 24
    he works with the anti terrorist unit and helps fight them
    he never dies
    hes come so close
    hes even faked his death!
    and he always saves the day
    most of the cast of it has been killed off but whether kiefer will die at the end of the series is the mystery
    i can\'t wait for the season premiere

    good luck kiefer
    keep up the good work in 24
    you are a really great actor ......... . .. .. . . . . .
  • jack bauers the man

    the best action star on telvision

    you never know what hes gonna do

    he plays jack bauer with greatness.

    wentworth miller is catching up to him though.

    keifer sutherland is a very more expericed acotr though.

    bryan grazer does a good job producing the epsides.

    yor never gonna know what next for the great jack bauer.

    hes gonna have a tough time in chinas prison camp.

    i think he is really cool.

    i recomend ppl seeing a few good men too.

    he plays lt jonathon kendrick in that.

    he\'s a litte naive in that role though.

    i really like him in the snetinal too.

    hes really really an outstanding acotr.

    the end lol
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