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  • Kiefer is Jack ... Jack is Kiefer (unfortunately for him)

    One of the more under-rated actors of our generation. He hasn't had the big "A-class" movies - but this is probably only due to the fact that everybody will always see him as Jack Bauer of 24, and will struggle to see him play anything else. He is so good as Jack Bauer, that he has single-handed made the show one of the best on television.
    When it comes to TV characters tough men, Jack Bauer is always included (along with the likes of Bourne or Chuck Norris :)) - and this can only give credit to Kiefer's outstanding acting abilities.
    I hope that he gets given a break on a big budget movie, so that non-24 fans (are there any out there?) will see his qualities as an actor.
  • In my opinion the sole reason 24 is the hit it has become.

    Keifer Sutherland is great in anything he does. But he really took off for me as Jack Bauer in 24. The show is a concept show where every episode in a season is one hour in a 24 hour crisis, usually something very bad happens just a few seconds before the new hour starts leaving the viewer wanting more. I have never had anybody tell me they didnt like the show which I believe is why FOX renewed it for another two years already. I hope Keifer stays on because In my personal opinion I don't believe 24 will survive without Jack Bauer.
  • Full os gifts... he 's one of the most amassing actors ever...

    As director, producer and of course, actor... he is , to me, a man that is full a of gifts in arts...

    24, with 5 seasons so far, has showed us a tough guy full of surprices... almost a ironman... capable of anythig just to save us all... very profesional

    Anyway I'd like to have the chance to see him in movies again, such a great actor!

  • Acting is in his blood. Both his father and his mother were acting before he was born. His early success in movies did not last. His career was revitalized when he became Jack Bauer on the series 24.

    Keifer Sutherland was one of the bad boys of hollywood in his early career. With stand out roles in both Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, he appeared ready for greatness. However, he hit a slump in 1990s and went to Montana. There he briefly became a roper on the rodeo curcuit.
    A risky concept show called 24 shot him back to superstar status. As Jack Bauer, he takes on the world in the show where events take place in real time. Each episode is a different hour of the very intense day. With the prospects of the show succceeding slim, the writers attempted to bring many of the major storylines to an end by midway through the first season. However, the surge of the show in popularity kept it away from cancellation. Many describe the show as movie quality television. Sutherland\'s work on the show is both intense and thought provoking. While his character is asked to do the impossible time and again, Sutherland is able to play it as though it were really happening to him. He is an excellent actor well fit to his part.
  • Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer. He plays the role prefectly. But, not only is he Baurer, but he has played several other roles that he has done brilliantly also.

    Kiefer Sutherland has played in countless movies. Among them: The Lost Boys, Young Guns 1 and 2, The Three Musketeers, and several others. Right now he is getting praise for his role in 24, but he has been played well in several others. My favorite character he has ever played was Doc from Young Guns. Sutherland is a very versitile(excuse my spelling) actor, meaning he can play all different types of characters. He has pure raw talent combined with his big ears and good looks, raspy voice, and hard work. Kiefer Sutherland is one of the greats and his acting talents can never be recreated.
  • Kiefer Sutherland has established himself as one of the most talented actors in the world due to his protrayal of Jack Bauer in the hit TV show 24.

    Keifer quickly became the number one actor after becoming Jack Bauer on 24. In many peoples' opinion he was the coolest man on TV (Jack not Keifer although some would say otherwise) and this was mainly because of the sheer intensity that Keifer brought to the character in every episode. You always felt as if he was a real person being shown on a slightly farfetched TV show.

    He also has had many other acting roles in films, many of which I have yet to see but I have seen the "Brotherhood of Justice" in which he had a very small role but you could see the potential that he had for the future.

    Keifer has a very distictive voice which cannot be mistaken for someone elses which is why he voiced an amazing anonymous caller in the film "Phonebooth". The character was never seen until right at end and even if you hadn't seen who was playing the character before the film started you would have known it was him without question.
  • hes just fit in jack

    i really like this Kiefer , he really fit for his role in 24 .
    24 is one of my best shows , and it wasn't gonna be that good without Kiefer . when he act in 24 you feel like this guy was born for his role in 24 .
    and beside 24 he have some good work , like his new movie mirrors , ok the movie wasn't that good , but he played his part in a great way .
    but despite his other work , he is one of the best actors for the great job he do in 24
  • Excellent Actor!

    Perhaps the most definitive descriptor for Kiefer Sutherland's career is not any particular niche he's carved for himself, but rather his versatility. In a career that spans 20 years, Sutherland has covered abundant ground, he has established his individuality as an actor, bringing to the screen a distinctive voice and a keen edged presence. He's one of those actors we feel close to because we have watched them grow.... We've been with him through his initial success in films like The Lost Boys.
  • Kiefer Sutherland is one of the best actors ever...

    I have seen Kiefer Sutherland play a variety of roles in a large number of movies and I have come to the conclusion that he is an extremely versatile and talented actor.

    The first Kiefer Sutherland movie I watched was Flatliners - I was 12 and every time Kiefer was in a scene, it terrified the life out of me, such was the power of his acting.

    Admittedly, I haven't watched very many of his films - only more modern ones such as Phonebooth, Taking lives, the Sentinel etc - but every time he does a scene I am amazed by his intensity and dominance over the screen.

    And of course, there is 24, the TV show that Sutherland is best known for. For his role as CTU Agent Jack Bauer, he has won multiple awards and earned a well deserved star of fame.

    I can certainly say that Kiefer Sutherland very high up on my list of favorite actors.
  • Kiefer's never Looked Better then he dose Today!

    I First saw Kiefer In "The Lost Boys" and he Totally Scared the living Crap out of me he was sooooo Good in that movie! also saw him In "The Three Musketeers" Co-Starring Charlie Sheen, Chris O'Donnell, Tim Curry and His Fellow "Flatliners" Co-Star Oliver Platt and he was Excellent in that movie (Along with the rest of the cast).

    He was creepy in "Taking Lives" & "Phone Booth" and Excellent in "The Sentinel" He also looked good in that Suit too but still he Kicks But As Jack Bauer on "24" Keep On Rockin' Kiefer!
  • He is the legend himself.

    The star on 24 this guy is truly the legend of acting this guy is great he is gotta be the best of the best of all acting he is the star on 24 which is why this guy is the master of acting the best actor throught the history of acting.
  • Wow.

    I have not watched as much Keifer Sutherland as he has made far too many things that I simply cannot keep up with it all. However, after only a season and a half of 24 and the movie Phone Booth where he doesn't even make an apperance, he has got to be one of the greatets actors of all time. I could not picture a better detective Jack Bauer in my head and I think Kefier Sutherland was put on this world to play that role. No one plays it better then he does and the work he does on that show is amazing and he should be commended for it.
  • Kiefer is the best action star ever!

    Kiefer does such a good job as portraying the character of Jack Bauer in 24. I cant imagine 24 being anywhere near as good as it is now, without him. He is so talented and is great in every role he plays. Kiefer is such a role model to people and will always be one of the all-time greats.
  • Kiefer Sutherland is an actor in many movies, and the hit drama, "24", in which he plays Federal Agent Jack Bauer.

    Kiefer Sutherland is brilliant. He is humble, and continues to amaze his audience in his hit drama, "24". He is the executive producer of the show, and is also the main character. His performance is amazing as "Jack Bauer". A few of his other movies include: "Eye for an Eye", "Dark City", "The Sentinal", "A Few Good Men", and many others. In most of his movies, he plays strange characters, but plays them well. He is the son of actor Donald Sutherland (Queen Elizabeth II). One thing I don't like about him is his love life. He has divorced many times only to marry another woman, but hey, what can I do about it?
  • Made 24 perfect.

    Their is no actor like Kiefer Sutherland. The reason is becuase watching 24 I can't see any actor ever of replacing him on the show; and if that ever happened the show would get cancelled after he leaves. Every season gets greater and greater because of Kiefer's acting. They can replace anyone on the show and it won't hurt the show because everybody loves Kiefer's acting.
  • One of a kind.

    Kiefer Sutherland is a one of a kind actor. The diversity of the roles he plays shows just how great he is. I love him in 24. I also loved him in Lost Boys. Every movie, show, whatever he is in shows how much talent he has. His role in 24 has been, I feel, one of his most challanging. He plays the part so well. He can go from good to acting bad in a blink of an eye. He is a believable actor. You want to love him and hate him all in the same show. That shows the true talent of an actor.
  • One of the true Legends

    Whether it be Tv or Movie, Kiefer Sutherland has adapted. He has made a name for himself and he has done it well. Earning respect for each role he has done. From playing a psycho vampire to a out of it Cop and a bully, hitting the big time finally with his move to tv in the hit show 24. In my opinion Kiefer sutherland is one of the people that Cinema and Tv under appreciatted for a long time. No on egiving him the credit he deserves. His roles as challenging as the last. He finally has the respect of all the critics, the fans, cinema and tv. Kiefer will be remembered as one of the screens greatest assets. And his on screen action will live forever.
  • Kiefer sutherland

    His best role as Jack Bauer on the hit tv 24 is his best role ever most of his movies like flatliners and phoneboth are relly good his best one is the sentianel which alson stars micheal douglas bron in to the acting family make him born to be a actor and make one of the best actors for movies and tv but still his role as CTU agent Jack Bauer is his best work ever and that is pretty much about what I have to say about Jack Bauer I mean Kiefer Sutherland five more words three more words.
  • That sums it up for me in one word..He is great

    My friend actually last year told me about 24,I had heard of the show but never really paid much attention to it.
    I finally watched the first few episodes of season 1 and thought 'wow' this show seems to be alright..

    Well after a few more episodes i just had to keep watching the show,and i havent

    I have watched every episode and it is by far one of the best shows i have ever followed,Kiefer Sutherland is perfect in the show..24 would not be the same if it was not for Jack.

    Oh and yeh Kiefer is absolutely Gorgeous..Most shows lose some of their spark after a few seasons go by but as for 24, I can actually say every season is just as good as the last..

    Keep it up its a Great show..
  • empty

    One of the best actors ever. 24 is just an awesome show, and I have seen Kiefer Sutherland in a lot of good movies, like the Vanishing, Stand by Me, Dead Heat, THe Killing Time, and overall a lot of good movies, and I just think that Kiefer Sutherland's style is simply awesome. He is just great.
  • thrilling... the best

    soooooooo sexy... this man blowns my mind away... with everything he does... he brings life to any character he performs... his films are thrilling and exciting... my favourite has to be lost boys... playing the sexy head vampire made him soo appealing... you would most propaly only no him frm sky ones 24... the most nail bitting performace given off on tv...the new sereis has me sitting on the floor... just incase i fall of the chair.. again... if u havent watch one of the following films starring kiefer then ur not frm this planet... an eye for an eye... lost boys and phone booth... just some of his incredible work... so go on rent these films and have an increble night in. he makes u melt... xxxx becci
  • FELL IN LOVE ....

    I just thought Keifer was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT in this role! Love the entire series, altho a bit violent at times. But I guess that makes it realistic.

    I just watched in on Netflix (2012) - the entire series - it was hard to stop watching and make myself go to bed.

    But Kiefer was perfect for this role and just did an outstanding job as Jack Baur.... don't know how I could say more!!
  • Great Actor!

    Kiefer is one of the greatest actors i know. For a moment I was actually fooled that he was a real federal agent, and I knew clearly that he wasn't but something inside me couldn't stop thinking of Kiefer as a federal agent and not an actor! His portrayal of Jack Bauer in 24 is spectacular, and no one would have portrayed the role of Jack Bauer better than he did. All through from the first season to the eighth season he was amazing, and I was glad when he finally got to win the Emmy in 2006 for his portrayal as Jack Bauer in 24 season 5. I think after the 24 movie he deserves an Oscar too. He's got talent!
  • Kiefer Sutherland has always done well in the roles he has played. But he will always live in his father's shadow do to the fact that his Father got the big "A" movie roles that have bypassed Kiefer for some reason or another.

    Kiefer's performance on 24 is awesome. He is Jack Bouer and he is 24. Without Kiefer there would be no 24. Because he is so good at being Jack Bouer, most people will not be able to see him as anybody else. I am afraid it will be hard for him to be cast as anyone other then Jack Bouer. The only thing that i would like to see changed on 24 for Kiefer is the romance. I would love to see him get involved with one of the Ladies romanticly. See a softer side to Jack once in a while. I can see Kiefer pulling that off and still keep the hard hitting Jack that we are use to.

    I look forward to 24 and seeing what comes next for Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Kiefer finally gets his recognition with Jack Bauer

    Kiefer Sutherland has always been a very talented and consistent actor. For some reason, he hit a period in his career where he just did not get good movie roles. No matter how bad some of his movies may have been, he was always the best part of them and constantly put in good performances.

    One movie that gets no recognition is After Alice. Kiefer is very good in this movie. It's one of his better unknown performaces and I suggest any Kiefer fan checks it out.

    However his talent is fully showcased in 24. Jack Bauer is a cultural icon and such a unique character, that only Kiefer Sutherland could bring to life.

    I'm just happy to see that one of the best actors of our day is finally getting the recognition he deserves.
  • Without him there would be no 24

    The show might be called 24, but it could happily be known as Jack Bauer, Sutherland is perfect for this character and is a brilliant actor. I could not think of anyone that would fit the role more perfectly. The fact that he can go from the most intense action scenes to emotional scenes to normal plain talking is truly mesmerising. Sutherland has been superb in his earlier work and will continue to be superb as 24 continues. He manages to captivate his audience by utterly becoming the CTU agent we all know and love. Of course the clever and brilliant writing goes a long way to the success 24, but few could carry it forward as convincingly as Sutherland has. I look forward to seeing him in future seasons of 24, the film 24 and anything else he does in the future.
  • Kiefer is the most talented actor I have seen in over half of a decade. He's able to portray characters so well that one forgets there is an actor behind that character. Kiefer is able to show every human emotion with seemingly ease & makes it conv

    Kiefer Sutherland has not been acknowledged in the general public for his outstanding performances in over 50 movies. Yes, some of the movies he has done were B movies, but his over-the-top acting has made those movies watchable and collectible. Kiefer has shown that he doesn't mind portraying the bad guy, the ugly guy, or the anti-social guy. He brings his own life experiences and understanding of human behaviors to every role he has had. There has been talk of Kiefer being type cast in 24 as Jack Bauer, but Kiefer will show that he can overcome any typecasting by taking roles far removed from his 24 character. As he ages, he has demonstrated his need to explore even more diverse roles. Due to his fame in 24, Kiefer is finally being "discovered" by the general public. One can only hope that Kiefer finds some true and lasting happiness in his personal life so he will be able to cease from deviant behaviors that could cost him dearly in the future, i.e. drinking and driving.
  • The greatest reason 24 is one of the greatest shows of all time.

    Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer sounds like Matt Damon is Jason Bourne. 24 is a great show. I compliment it, and I love every minute of it. The actors were great, the plot was outstanding. It wouldn't be that without Kiefer Sutherland. He is a great actor, he really is my favorite actor.
    As for his other movies, he wasn't very important in them, but he deserved a better appearance. Shohreh Aghdashloo starred in The Excorcism(don't know how to spell it) of Emily Rose. That was a well deserved appearance, although I'm not sure if Shohreh starred there altough the character looked like her. But Kiefer is the best, and will remain my fave actor.
  • Kiefer is the man. In every way.

    There are only a few actors that can get me to watch and buy whatever movie they're in. Their names hold a special status with me and it's not because I think they're "dreamy". It's because no matter what the plot is, no matter what character they play, they make that character come alive and the performance is so dynamic that the movie is automatically bumped several levels upwards in my appreciation. Kiefer Sutherland is one of those actors.

    Although he doesn't always make the best choices in movies, a fact that the actor himself has admitted, I can always count on Kiefer to bring his all to the part. Even if he's only on screen for a couple of minutes, the presence and life he brings to the character looms over the entire show. Phone Booth is a perfect example of this.

    The other Kiefer the man? 24. Jack Bauer. Enough said. Possibly, one of the greatest characters to ever grace the small screen, imagining anyone else is Bauer is unthinkable. Sutherland seriously gives the performance of his life week after week in this series, helping make Jack Bauer a complex character and not just another bad ass. It is to his credit (as well as the talented writers behind the scene) that Jack Bauer continues to reinvent himself season after season, making 24 still stand strong after 5 seasons.

    I am rooting for this man in every way possible. I dutifully follow his career and wish him the best of luck in whatever he endeavors to do.
  • Keiffer Sutherland is one hell of an actor

    if you hear the words "24" and "CTU" then you know that Jack Bauer is the first word that you can come up with. Keiffer Sutherland is , as you can see , my personal favorite actor.
    He is just amazing! Not only in "24" but also in "The Sentinel" and many more movies. He has the talent to play "the bad guy" in many movies and/or series but also has the talend to play the bad-ass but also good cop in "24". He is the only one who can play Jack Bauer , the main character in "24" if you still dident know. He is , for me , one hell of an actor!
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