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  • Kiefer is the most talented actor I have seen in over half of a decade. He's able to portray characters so well that one forgets there is an actor behind that character. Kiefer is able to show every human emotion with seemingly ease & makes it conv

    Kiefer Sutherland has not been acknowledged in the general public for his outstanding performances in over 50 movies. Yes, some of the movies he has done were B movies, but his over-the-top acting has made those movies watchable and collectible. Kiefer has shown that he doesn't mind portraying the bad guy, the ugly guy, or the anti-social guy. He brings his own life experiences and understanding of human behaviors to every role he has had. There has been talk of Kiefer being type cast in 24 as Jack Bauer, but Kiefer will show that he can overcome any typecasting by taking roles far removed from his 24 character. As he ages, he has demonstrated his need to explore even more diverse roles. Due to his fame in 24, Kiefer is finally being "discovered" by the general public. One can only hope that Kiefer finds some true and lasting happiness in his personal life so he will be able to cease from deviant behaviors that could cost him dearly in the future, i.e. drinking and driving.