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  • Keifer Sutherland is the son of the very talented Donald Sutherland. He is kind of a Canadian so I love him, and I mostly love him because i think he is really really hot.

    I love Keifer Sutherland, i think he is really attractive and talented. I think he was a really disturbing hot in A Time to Kill, even though he was like a part of the KKK. i still though he had like a hillbilly type of hot. Still none the less hot. I have always had a thing for older guys and he definatly fits the type of guys that i love love love! ! !
    He is kind of a bad boy too. Not like the 'I'm gonna shoot you mother f****r! !" but the one that acts kind of bad but won't shoot you... It's kind of hard to explain, but I know what i mean.
    Anyways i think he is talented and hot to boot.