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  • Oh please, for the love of all that's holy, quit acting

    She seems nice enough, but the wooden acting coupled with that nasally Chicago voice is painful to watch, and ruins any scene she's in.
  • What A Surprise!

    The WB drama Related contained at least two surprises.One was the show itself,which in promos came off as mediocre and formulaic.It is now one of my favorite shows,and I watch every week.Two,and the larger surprise was Kiele Sanchez,who is one of the hottest actresses I've seen in a long time.I was all set to have Laura Breckenridge as my favorite on the show but Kiele totally blew her away,both as an actress and as a beautful woman.I hope if Related fails to get renewed(and things don't look promising right now)that another vehicle will be found for Kiele.She is endlessly watchable,up there with my other two current TV favorites,Moira Kelly and Torri Higginson.Let's pray that Related survives!
  • Kiele sanchez was my babysitter when i was younger.

    Kiele sanchez was my babysitter when i was younger. My aunt and uncle knew kiele's father and he let kiele babysit me and my brother when I was newborn. My mom trusted her a lot with my brother and me. She was alot of fun! There was this one time when my parents went out somewhere far away and they weren't going to back until real late. We lived on teh second floor adn had french doors going out to the balcony. We always had a problem with the lock on the french doors. Kiele just put me and my brother to bed and decided to go out on the balcony since it was a nice night.What she didn't realize when seh closed the door behind her it locked! SO here she was at night locked out while two small kids were in the apartment. Kiele being the responsible girl she was, climbed over the railing of the balcony and jumped!She came around rang the doorbell to a neighbor to get let in, took a butter knife to the lock of the apartment door and got back in. She then called her dad to tell him she was hurt.He called my parents and they came home. Im trying to remember the story but i think she broke her leg too!My mom always knew she was going to be a star! My family and I would love to see her once more or at least be able to write to her directly. She was the most fun babysitter we ever had!