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    • Kiele: (At the Lost Season 3 Premiere Gala) They did warn me that today was going to be crazy. At premieres in Hollywood, there aren't that many fans.... The local people here love the show and come out and support it. It's kind of amazing.

    • Kiele(About why she can't get cast as a Latina): The image everybody still has in this business is that Latinas have to have dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin... It's a very stereotypical vision of what a Latina looks like. It's like: "Have you turned on Telemundo lately?" I hope that sort of opens up... That some people playing Hispanics can look different.

    • Kiele: I think if you're too passive, you just fall into that friend role. And that's hard to break out of. I also don't want a guy to come on too strong. Just don't try too hard. And if it's hard, then it's probably not meant to be.

    • Sanchez: (When asked if she had ever been stalked) Well, it was in high school. It was shortly A.B.—after boob. I was getting letters in my locker. After a while, there's a certain fix that you get from those letters. Now it's a very scary thing, but in high school it's sort of endearing. And it was harmless. Actually, once I found out that I could beat him up, he became my friend.

    • Sanchez: (After being asked if the guy that resisted her charms was gay) Well, I hope so. That's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night. (Laughs) He could be gay now. In high school, I was very skinny and I didn't develop boobs until about junior year.

    • Sanchez: (When asked about her favorite guy-part) That part right between the stomach and the groin. I don't know what that's called. That muscle right below the belly button but right above the pubic hair. How that bone juts out and there's that muscle that goes down. I like the way it looks aesthetically, but it's also—it's on the way down, you know? Something about that anticipation— it's that moment before anything serious happens.

    • Sanchez: There is something to be said about a guy who is attractive and doesn't know it. I hate men who are overconfident. You know, like Fabio.

    • Sanchez: People think my boobs are fake, but they're not. I never got that question until I moved to L.A. And I don't like the connotation that they would think that they are. I'm not that kind of girl.

    • Sanchez: I know with me, you really have to, like, pound me over the head to say, "I like you". I really like you to get me to see it. I think if you're too passive, you just fall into that friend role. And that's hard to break out of.

    • Sanchez: (When asked about things she'd rather not have done) There's probably one or two guys that I wish I hadn't slept with. But if it's just one, I'm doing pretty good.

    • Kiele: I think the confidence that it takes to pull off a mullet nowadays is just sexy.