Kieren Hutchison

Kieren Hutchison


10/9/1974, Auckland, New Zealand

Birth Name

Kieren Robert Hutchison



Also Known As

Kieren R. Hutchison
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Kieren Hutchison -- actor. He was born on October 9, 1974 in Auckland, New Zealand. He is most recognized in Riding HIgh, but recently he is recognized for his recurring role on One Tree Hill as Andy Hargrove.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kieren's acting training includes studying with Maggie Haber (Los Angeles, USA), at The Northland Youth Theatre of Whangarei (NZ), the National Youth Drama School at Hawkes Bay (NZ), and the Actors Centre at Sydney (Aus).

    • Kieren can act using a number of foreign accents, including American (New York, Boston, Southern), Australian, and Canadian, as well as his own native Kiwi.

    • Kieren is represented professionally by the firm Auckland Actors.

    • Kieren loves to travel. He once went on a backpacking trip throughout Europe. One of the places he really wants to visit is Japan. He also spent six weeks in Fiji.

    • Kieren will be joining his wife Nicole Tubiola on Wildfire.

    • Kieren was in 17 episodes of One Tree Hill, he started as a guest star and later became a recurring cast member.

    • In January 2000, Kieren moved to Los Angeles, CA. In 2001, Kieren moved to Sydney, Australia. In 2002, Kieren moved back to Los Angeles. In September 2004 Kieren moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to shoot One Tree Hill.

    • Kieren likes playing squash and drawing cartoons in his free time.

    • In 1999, Kieren's father died from cancer and he didn't work all year.

    • Kieren moved to Whangarei from Auckland at age 14. He moved back to Auckland when he was 18.

    • At age seven, Kieren already knew he wanted to be an actor. He started getting into theatre at age 14.

    • Kieren's favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • Kieren is 5'9. His hair color is light brown. His eye color is blue yet sometimes green in the light.

    • On One Tree Hill, Kieren played the love interest of Karen, who is played by Moira Kelly.

    • Kieren usually has an Australian accent.

    • Kieren is married to Nicole Tubiola since August 10, 2003.

    • Kieren is the second son of Sue and Steve Hutchison. Kieren has one older brother and one younger brother.

  • Quotes

    • Kieren: I don't know why it's terrifying if you don't succeed or anything. I think trying's more important.

    • Kieren: When you arrive in America, it feels really familiar, like you've seen it all before, even if you've never been here. I didn't agonize about the decision. I thought it'd be kind of fun. And it has been, it's been a great time.

    • Kieren: (on doing an American accent in Australia) It's one thing to do that in the US when everyone around you has the accent you're trying to do, but when the crew and directors had broad Aussie accents it's tough for the Kiwi. Scrambles the mind a bit.

    • Kieren: (on coming from New Zealand and breaking into more mainstream roles in the US) It was fairly difficult, because it entailed physically moving here, staying. I [came] out, start[ed] auditioning, which is tough. You've got to come out here, and get an agent, and then support yourself while you're waiting for the jobs.

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  • Know him as Andy from One Tree Hill

    Kieren is a very very very very talented actor. He was on The WB's hit TV teen drama "One Tree Hill". He plays Andy. Andy is a very young college professor, young as he might be he is still an excellent teacher. While teaching, he meets a student named "Karen Roe" they later develop a meaning ful relationship. After some time, the school finds out about their secret relationship and they give Andy two choices. Break up with Karen or lose his job. He quits his job and stays with Karen. But later he has to go back no New Zealand and he is no longer on the program.moreless
  • What a toss up!

    I liked him with Karen. Then again I was enjoying him on Wildfire, but now since he had a plane crash maybe that's his chance to come back to OTH. He's a very good actor and I could listen to him all day. Him and Lucas seem to of connected anyway. Maybe since Keith is out of the picture him and Lucas can take Dan down. He made a pretty good threat to Dan, now would be a perfect time to bring him back.moreless