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  • Kikuko Inoue is a rreally good japanese voice Actress,, she really has that motherly-soft-voice, mostly when she voiced Queen Ercell In Petite Princess Yucie,.. so that`s why i admire her very much,.. and can`t stop dreaming to meet her in person.

    She`s beautiful,kind,intelligent,and the way how she voiced anime,.? o.k. really good,.. mostly when she voiced Queen Ercell Petite Princess Yucie, that`s my favorite character,. she also has such a soft,warm,beautiful voice,.. and her face,.. beautiful. from that day on, i always collecting a pictures of her and print it,or not put it in my facebook,anihub,friendster,yahoo.mail,yahoo messenger. co`z i love her very much!! Advance Happy Birthday Kikuko-san,.. i always dream to meet her in person,.. a MOTHERLY voice. That`s how Kikuko-inoue is, and she`s has the most motherly voice in anime,. she voiced so many because of her cute voice, that`s it.