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  • Trivia

    • According to her actor profile, Kikuko Inoue has a teaching credential for Jr. High in Japanese, and also for a Librarian.

    • Kikuko Inoue's hobbies include swimming, humming, and kado flower arranging.

    • Kikuko Inoue made a rare US appearance as a Guest of Honor at the Animazement 2007 convention at Durham, North Carolina.

    • Kikuko Inoue happens to voice both romantic interests of CLAMP character Ichiro 'Icchan' Mihara. First, as Shuko Suzuhara in Angelic Layer, and then Chitose Hibiya in Chobits.

    • Kikuko Inoue's first American album is called Anime Toonz, and it is produced by Jellybean Records.

    • The only time when Kikuko Inoue has not voiced Belldandy in the Ah My Goddess series was during the first 13 episodes of The Adventures of Mini-Goddess, when she was on maternity leave. Akemi Okamura took her place during that time.

    • 17 going on 17
      As part of her "I'm 17 years old" gag, Kikuko Inoue has a cult of members who all claim they are 17 years old. They include voice actors Yukari Tamura, Sakura Nogawa, Rina Satou, and Yui Horie. Kikuko also recruited singer Yoko Ishida during an interview as noted on the Ah My Goddess DVD Volume 1.

    • Kikuko's trademark logo is a red sunfish.

    • Kikuko's debut solo album is Yuubina Osakana (Elegant Fish), which was released in February 2, 1994. In the album, she credits many of the lyrics to Sora Hasegawa, who is one of the characters in the Oh My Goddess series.

    • On June 15, 2003, Kikuko Inoue celebrated her 15th anniversary as a voice actor by having a tea party at Club eX in Shingawa.

    • In August 18, 1999, Kikuko Inoue released her greatest hits album, Bokura no Best Da, Onee-chan (Our Best, Big Sister). She chose the album's 18 songs from a survey handed out at her concert.

    • Kikuko Inoue released a monthly series of CD's called Gekkan Oneechan to Issho which is in a talk-show and music format.

    • Minami Takayama, who plays Nabiki Tendo in Ranma 1/2, gave Kikuko Inoue the well deserved nickname Onee-chan (big sister).

    • Kikuko's first noteable role in voice acting was Kasumi Tendo in Ranma 1/2.

    • Kikuko has stated that she was a fish in her previous life. Some of her album titles have the word "fish" in them.

    • Kikuko Inoue's inspiration for becoming a voice actor was the show Attack Number One.

    • At Anime Expo 2001, Kikuko Inoue said that she considered becoming a middle school teacher when she was growing up.

    • Kikuko Inoue is 164cm tall (5'4"). Her blood type is O, and her weight is unknown.

    • Kikuko Inoue's first major U.S. appearance was a Guest of Honor at Anime Expo 2001, held in Long Beach, California. Also during the cosplay event, she sang the theme song from Oh My Goddess OAV.

    • Kikuko is married and has one daughter.

    • Kikuko's involvement in music spawned mainly from her anime voice acting. The music group Doco is from Ranma 1/2 and Goddess Family Club is from Oh My Goddess.

    • Kikuko Inoue is part of the Goddess Family Club trio, which consists of herself, Yumi Touma, and Aya Hisakawa.
      They voice the three goddess sisters in Ah! My Goddess and put out songs on that soundtrack.

    • Over her voice acting career, Kikuko has had a reputation of voicing characters that are progressively out of control. In her interview on the Ah! My Goddess DVD Volume 1, she says she will try to keep her character Belldandy composed and faithful to that series.

    • In Christmas 2004, Kikuko Inoue celebrated her 17th year as a voice actress.

    • Kikuko demonstrates her favorite introductory gag on the Ah! My Goddess DVD Volume 1 video panel interview.

  • Quotes

    • Kikuko Inoue's favorite introductory catchphrase
      Kikuko: I'm Kikuko Inoue, 17 years old.
      (Kikuko holds the mike out to the audience.)
      Audience: (together) Hey, come on!