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    • Kim: My worst date was with this guy I met in college who had raw onions on his burger. We sat in his car talking and I swore I could see a blue funk coming out of his mouth. No kiss good night; I would have fainted!

    • Kim: (on dating) It's difficult because I don't know who I can trust. I don't know if you want to be with me because I'm a star.

    • Kim: I'm sure we've all been in places where the clerk in a department store didn't even look up, because I'm, to her, just some black woman, but then they finally look up, it's Kim Fields or Kim Coles, and it's oohhhohhhh. It's sad to me. I went to New Orleans this past weekend and people stared at me like I wasn't even human. I don't walk around like I think I'm hot stuff. We're regular people.

    • Kim: (On Drew Carey, who she told 'People' magazine was the sexiest man alive) He's funny and he's smart, and that's sexy. He's so regular and unaffected, and that's adorable.

    • Kim: (About reality TV) If you don't beat them, you have to join them.

    • Kim: Oh, I do not have any children. I had a goldfish but I threw him out with the water by mistake, so I better not do any parenting anytime soon.

    • Kim: I think politicians are funny because they take themselves so seriously.

    • Kim: (On 'Living Single') I knew from the moment this show and cast were put together, it was going to work.

    • Kim: (On her 'Frasier' role) Dr. Mary wasn't evil. Frasier just gave her an opportunity and she ran a little too far with it.

    • Kim: (On her 'Living Single' castmates) We will always be there for each other, and we'll always have each other's backs.