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  • Good but not great.

    Good on "NYPD Blue".
  • Where is Kim on Army Wives?

    I watch because of Kim. :Loved her on AMC NYPD Blue and ofcourse Army Wives. She is a wonderful Actress The show is all around the other people now her family is completly out of it and they were the star actors in the show before this year so what is going on? Can someone please let us know
  • i am complainting on want the courts did to kim taking her son away from her.that was not right at all.she deseved better then want her exs did to her.there could have worked it out better.i just want to find out if she is in rehab.she needs he

    kim delaney is still number one in movies. right now i feel real up set the way kim lost her son to her exs.joe it is stupit.ok i don\'t blame her son for not wanting to be in the car with her drunk.fine then he could have said mom i don\'t want you to pick me up or drive me anymore to places that i have friends.because it is embrassing when you show up drunk to pick me up.she did say that there have talked about it before how she does embrass him when she drives him know ever teenager goes though there parent embrassing matter if there our stars or anyone else.but want the courts did is not right at all.the way her exs.joe went about doing it is not right either.and like a friend of the cortese said that he didn\'t want to do it in the first palce,but didn\'t have a chose is not true.and that he cared for kim very much still.ya,right.he had a choose.and that his son and him and some friends of his fathers talk about him getting custody of him.ok now i yell about the court decision to take her son away from her.the decision that the courts made is just crazy.i don;t believe that most of the evidents should have been alllowed in the courts.first of all want her exs.joe said about her in the courts was wrong.saiding the real reason that she was fired from csi.mam. is because she was drinking to much.which is true.but that was back in 2002 old stuff.and that she was in rehab four other times for alcol.related problems.alot of people already new that.and then he said about her getting arrested for drinking.in2002.that all should have never been allowed in court.that all old stuff. the only things that should have been allow in the courts is new a source told them that she came to his school drunk one time and then told never told her never to come to his school like that again.or the time she was sent home from her job just recently.because there thought that she was drunk.who ever told her exs. she get fired them self.but the fact that her son got up and tesifyed agaist his own mother who raised him sense birth and taught him everything that he knows.and always came first in her life always.and who always told her jobs and boyfriends that he is always number one with her.and he does this to her that is just crazy.jack telling the story of her com8ing to his friends house drunk.that he don\'t want to see her again until she is sober and gone to rehab.that is just terrible want he has done and said about her.i think that he was put up to some of it by his father and his fathers friends.her son knew that his uncle had just died back in july at his graqndparents home while playing basketball.while everyone was at the there could have taken all that into consideration.and plus she is trying to hold it all togather for her brothers i think that her exs.joe is a he said that if anything happen to jack and he did nothing to stop it.he would never forgive his self.will if that was the case then why didn\'t he offer to drive him palce and pick him up.but the court putting her under sstrict supervise is so wrong.first of all the courts saying that if she wants to see her son that she has to have someone there with her like she would try to hurt him.or the courts saiding that she wants to see him that she must agree to up to an two hour breath take.thats just crazy.because her family must be toren apart about this.i would really like to know what her family thinks of all this now.i wonder if there ever talk to the grand son againfor a while.i really wonder want she thinks of all must be killing her.i wonder if she is in rehab.i am not sure how i can find out.but would love to know if she is in rehab.her son will only regee this in life as he gets older which i hope he does.because i know what he has done is killing her.i hope that nothing happens to her.because he will regree doing it.thank god that she has her family and friends helping her out.