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  • keeping up with the kardashians

    I believe I have the answer

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    Kardashia(Armenian: ... It is common to confuse the origin of this last name with the

  • Kim, looking great as usual!

    I love your tv show, keep up the good work! Always looking great!
  • love kim kardashian

    i love your tv show kim
  • girlie

    ok now you are married do not mess this up, get away from your family, hubby does, beautiful baby, do you kim, get away from crazy family especially wicked sisters, no man day care center sisters who would marry them a fool
  • The woman that people love to hate.

    The envy and spiteful hatred of this woman amounts to one thing: jealousy. Most dream of doing nothing and being successful at it. Most men wish they were with her and most women wish they could be her. Heck, I would like nothing more than to have her job. That being said, she's never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the box, but she does have one saving grace, her beauty. Let's face it. Kim is one beautiful woman! From the flowing raven-like brunette locks, the anime eyes, the voluptuous figure and curves... she has the body of a Goddess. This woman even has pretty feet! She might be a spoiled brat with a bad attitude, but for whatever reason, people want to see her otherwise her show would have flopped and been off the air long ago. At the very least, she's great to look at especially if you hit the mute button on your remote. My only recommendation would be to avoid listening anything that comes out of her mouth because if you put your ear to her's, you'll hear the ocean. While I hate listening to her, I love looking at her... and her looks have taken her and will take her a long way.
  • young author Renae

    you look beautiful Kim... I'm loving your pic
  • anglena

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    famous for a sex tape and just keeps on selling her body to be famous
  • Got famous by fucking Ray J

    Seriously, why is this ugly, slutty whore even famous?
  • Who the hell?

    BAD! How is she a "star"?
  • Why is this person on the top newsmakers?

    Get her out. She doesn't deserve to have step on to showbiz, she sucks at anything, appeal, looks (not natural, she's a queen of plastic surgery right now, her princess is Nicki Minaj) and sometimes singing. She doesn't have anything natural. Actresses before relies on natural beauty before, and natural cosmetics and talents, not this.
  • I've seen hot actresses,but Kim Kardashian is not even hot,or close to cute


    If there's one person I cannot get away from (besides Justin Bieber),it's Kim Kardashian. You cannot get away from her,every where you go,it's always her and her stupid marriage problems or something like that. I already hate the show as it is,but that's not enough. First off,she is not hot. I mean,I cannot believe I thought she was sexy,when she really isn't. I mean,she's only hot because she looks like Nicole Sherzinger. But unlike Nicole,who is sexy and talented,Kim is just stupid. She is also a show-off,and is so immature. When I heard her say that she's better than someone,I completely lost even more respect for her. And plus,her marriage with Chris Humphrey only lasted 2 months. 2 Months? Wow,I don't know who's worse: Justin Bieber,the boob toucher,or Kim Kardashian,the show-off. Just please,if I wanted to see hot woman,I would see Nicole Sherzinger,Lea Michele and Mila Kunis,not this piece of junk. Even her sister,Khloe,is hotter than her. She's also singing now,and her voice is just a autotuned abomination. Just please,she doesn't deserve all this fame.

  • Why?

    The press and the public follow this woman and her sisters around like puppies and hang on their every word and action. WHY??!! Kim Kardashian is little more than a boutique owner with a fat ass. She also has a thriving career as a professional closet organizer. Is that an actual JOB?? There is no earthly reason to give a damn about this spoiled little princess. She's just another example of a brainless debutante being given more attention than she deserves simply because she's part of a pointless television show. If her now-dead daddy didn't have a hand in unleashing O.J. Simpson on the world after someone killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, no one would know who this ditz is.
  • Please!!

    There is a difference between "TV Star" and "Celebrity", and there are way too many of the latter running around today consuming undeserved airwaves and print space. This person is one of those.
    I think of Pink's song, "Stupid Girls" and immediately I see Kim Kardashian's face among the bounty of choices to fit the theme.
    I wonder what the fascination is? She has no visible talent...(and no, THAT does not fit the definition of talent unless maybe we're discussing her surgeon)...and that is what is supposed to get you into the business...isn't it? I mean, theoretically anyway.
    I feel sorry for all the really talented but unemployed actresses who live as runners-up to a well executed but entirely superficial, walking surgical enhancement.
  • Why is this person famous?

    Kim Kardashian is one of the famous people where you have to wonder..Why is this person famous? What has she done? She has no talent. Why wont she just go away. Well, everyone can thank the "E" network for giving us yet another "star" that has no reason being a star. She has a big butt.. Congratulations, 85 percent of Americans have big butts. Thats no reason to be famous. The only person in her whole family that should be considered famous is poor, poor Bruce Jenner. He was an Olympian. Now he is subject to bratty kids and a crazy wife that thinks she is something great. When in fact she is even more useless then her daughters. This is ridiculous. Thank You "E" Network without you I wouldnt have had anything to rant about.
  • ??????kim who

    I am still not sure who she is and why she even has a show???? what exactly does she do? Her sisters run the store does she do anything at all????? I find it interesting that you can slap a box full of make up on anyone and they will give you a show. She is so obsessed with being famous and beautiful she is giving normal girls looking up to her a bad idea of what's important. Can't being famous have something to do with your accomplishments? I find her sisters more interesting .... at least they have a real job.
  • No comment

    I feel there's really nothing to say about a girl who thinks there's no one better than her in the whole world (how come it reminds me of someone else????).
    I think this is the kind of person who should go out a litte more, but what I mean by out is far away, like on the other continent, like Africa, where woman and children work all the time to find the stones she wears proudly. To see that what these people consider as a treasure is the amount of rice they'll be able to get at the end of the month to feed their family...
    There's really nothing interesting to say about this kind of girl. Period.