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  • I've seen hot actresses,but Kim Kardashian is not even hot,or close to cute


    If there's one person I cannot get away from (besides Justin Bieber),it's Kim Kardashian. You cannot get away from her,every where you go,it's always her and her stupid marriage problems or something like that. I already hate the show as it is,but that's not enough. First off,she is not hot. I mean,I cannot believe I thought she was sexy,when she really isn't. I mean,she's only hot because she looks like Nicole Sherzinger. But unlike Nicole,who is sexy and talented,Kim is just stupid. She is also a show-off,and is so immature. When I heard her say that she's better than someone,I completely lost even more respect for her. And plus,her marriage with Chris Humphrey only lasted 2 months. 2 Months? Wow,I don't know who's worse: Justin Bieber,the boob toucher,or Kim Kardashian,the show-off. Just please,if I wanted to see hot woman,I would see Nicole Sherzinger,Lea Michele and Mila Kunis,not this piece of junk. Even her sister,Khloe,is hotter than her. She's also singing now,and her voice is just a autotuned abomination. Just please,she doesn't deserve all this fame.