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  • Trivia

    • Kim has studied Iyengar Yoga in India with the Chachanis (senior Iyenagr teachers) and continues to expand her knowledge of various other forms by attending classes and workshops which train in other Yoga disciplines.

    • In 2007, Kim did a radio production for the Auckland District Health Board.

    • In 2001, Kim starred in a short film called The Meeting along with fellow Hercules co-star Kevin Smith.

    • Kim has made a multitude of commercials, from everything such as Vodafone and the University of Auckland to Capital One credit cards which aired in the US and Great Britain.

    • Kim is the fourth actress to play the part of Hercules' mother Alcmene on the show Hercules the Legendary Journeys. She plays the young Alcmene who is pregnant with Hercules in the time travel episodes "Armageddon Now pts 1 & 2".

    • Kim is an instructor in Iyengar Yoga. She also teaches a modified version of the Ashtanga style of Yoga for her school Yoga by the Sea.

    • Kim is 5'5" (165cm), with light brown hair and blue eyes.

    • Kim is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird and Rachel Gardner Management.

  • Quotes

    • Kim: (on the benefits of yoga) It is a real freedom to be able to disconnect from the noise of the world, the opinions of others and have the space to look within. Whatever is happening in my world, yoga connects me to an oasis of calm.

    • Kim: I love teaching. I love the way yoga enhances people's lives - simply being able to move more freely is liberating and is also the catalyst for increased confidence and wellbeing. That I am part of such a positive process is a real privilege for which I am deeply grateful. Yoga is a great blessing in my life.

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