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    • (From the DVD The Search for the Balanced Life)
      Sanjay Burman: To lead a balanced life, how would you sum that up?
      Kim Poirier:(laughs) Variety is the first thing that comes to mind.
      Sanjay Burman: Right.
      Kim Poirier: You know, like, I, I've, I've done where you know where I was getting up and doing Sadhana everyday, you know thats early morning meditation and yoga. You know and not drinking, vegeterian but then all of a sudden, you know, I found that I became fanatic about it and it was just another, it was another addiction whether it was cigarettes, whether it's alcohol, you know, it's, it's that obsession. All of a sudden it becomes your reality so for me living a balanced life is, you know, having friends, having a career, erm eating right, exercising, doing yoga, meditating, reading, having personal time, you know, having healing time whether your working or whatever healing medality and, let's come up with one more, family! You know.
      Sanjay Burman: Are you close with your family now?
      Kim Poirier: I'm very close with my sister, I'm close with my father and my mother and I are still working on some stuff. (she laughs) But, you just, you keep checking away at it, you keep digging, you keep looking for the light, you, you have to, to actively choose to see the positive, the lessons, the silver lining, to, to learn from the situation, you know. Like you can either be jaded moment to moment or you can go okay this happened for a reason or how did I set this up? How can you take responsibility for your own life and say I'm creating this! You know and you, people only do what they love to do. You have to actively make a choice that I don't wanna live this way anymore and I'm gonna shift my consciousness. And sometimes something has to happen for someone to have a big enough experience for their consciousness to shift, to change their behaviour or it can come through meditation or through personal work that you decide enough is enough and you have to actively choose that and then build the muscles around that. Cos when you first try to live positively it's a little like eurgh, you know, but you have to, to get used to it and everything is adapting and getting used to it and building the muscles around that.