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    • (From the DVD The Search for the Balanced Life)
      Kim Poirier: You gotta keep at it, you know, I've had moments where you know I lost my sense of hope or I lost my, my will to live and I, and I just, I didn't see any light. You know, but you gotta keep going, you gotta keep at it and you, you gotta, you have to trust.
      Sanjay Burman: What kept you going though? What was the thought as you were thinking about maybe restarting your life or maybe, you know, getting out?
      Kim Poirier: Erm I've had supportive teachers, I've had supportive, er, mentors, I've had erm some good friends erm you know, yeah, the friends weren't always there, (she cries and wipes her tear) you know, when you change friends as you go through different things in life. But, I just knew that there was something else, you know, and you pray.
      Sanjay Burman: Okay.
      Kim Poirier: You meditate.