Kim Raver





3/15/1969 , New York City, New York

Birth Name

Kimberly Jayne Raver




Kimberly Jayne Raver was born on March 15, 1969 and grew up in New York City.

She started her television career as a regular on the children's show Sesame Street from the age of 6 for three years.
After Sesame Street, Kim joined off-Broadway's first all-children's theater. She graduated from Boston University, and continued to study theater in New York.

Kim went on to get a role on Third Watch for several years, and has also had guest roles in shows such as The Practice, Spin City, and Law & Order.

Her most recent role is that of Audrey Raines on the hit show 24. She starred in season 4 and 5.
She is set to appear in the sixth season, but also has a part on the new series The Nine.