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  • HUMMM.....

    I didn't think she was very convincing in her role on "24" -

    didn't feel she was that good of an actress.
  • Talented & underrated beauty!

    Very talented and beautiful actress with I should think would had been a bigger star. But I guess, she is underrated for a reason. Maybe she thrives in smaller or ensemble roles. She was really great in the Ben Stiller movie "Night at the Museum!" And that hope she does good in the new show "Lipstick Jungle" with Brooke Shields. As she also was the cool and level-headed partner in "Third Watch!" Hope that her new show will become a hit as I think that it looks good. From what I see of the previews! Another Sex & the City but can't hardly wait!
  • Review

    I only know her for her role in 24 - but I think that she played the role of Audrey Raines very well. Playing the role of the girlfriend of Jack Bauer is not an easy thing to do - and neither is playing the Daughter of the Secratary of Defense either. I think that she should have been used way more in Season 6 then she was - she had too good of a connection with Jack then the be used primarly without contact with him for her seven episode story arch. It looks like her run on 24 is now over and I dont feel that her time on the show should be up yet. She wasnt used enough in the 4-5-6 seasons for me to be satisfied. Either way - should she be a bigger star then she is now. She could win an acting emmy if she keeps it up.
  • Too bad she's married

    Kim Raver has emerged to become my favorite cast member of "The Nine." I been following her career for the past two years. first on "24" and now she part of "the Nine." She is a very hot woman, it's too bas shw's married, otherwise I would gave her a 10. She also talent and smart. She is good looking and she is sexy. that's part of the reason why I watch "The Nine" every Wednesday night. I heard one deejay at a morning radio station always talking about "Lost." forget 'Lost," I perferred "The Nine," and that sexy actress Kim Raver. Thanks Kim for making my day.
  • She is a talented actressed.

    My first time seeing Kim Raver would be when Third Watch as Kim Zambrano when it first aired on the NBC network station on Thursday night of September 23, 1999. I since then had loved watching her on the television. I was so sad by the things they made her character experince. However, Kim Raver played and showed those emotions very well. That shows her amazing ability as an actress. I am not a regular 24 watcher. Haven't seen any of the episode of her in it yet. However my friend is getting me them. She is getting me all of her of the seasons before Kim Raver appeared. Now I saw the trailer for her new show The Nine. I can't wait to see it.