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    • Kim:(On her experiences on "America's Next Top Model") I will always look at America's Next Top Model as a very beneficial experience for me. I learned a lot about myself, I learned a lot about the fashion industry. And to be honest, if I hadn't been on that show, perhaps I wouldn't have thought of having a career on television to begin with. And I am definitely thankful for that experience, because it helped me get where I am.

    • Kim: (On her change of style since "America's Next Top Model") I've always felt that my style was very versatile, and I think that at different points in my life, I've expressed different parts of myself. I think everybody can relate to that.

    • Kim (on being a reality TV star): Ha! (laughing) Very sociologically interesting while you're there, embarrassing when you're watching it later, and completely life-changing afterwards.

    • Kim(about her makeover): I have always tried to keep my personal style for so long. And it is going to be hard with this hair.