Kim Strauss





Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name




Kim grew up in a blue-collar town on the outskirts of Chicago where disputes were often settled with fists instead of words. He became an Illinois State champion wrestler and a black belt in martial arts before he was out of high school. The streets made him tough, but also instilled a sense of morality that can only come from being at ground level and taking some knocks.

Kim's humor, his confidence, his edgy awareness of the world, were honed on the street -- and the street is still a big part of him. It can be found in his solid gate, his quick wit, and the slight Chicago accent that still colors his speech.

Kim's incredible vocal range of 4 octaves lends itself to a wide array of musical , which he has performed throughout the years. They include Legit, R&B, Rock and Roll, Pop, Country, and stage performances in a variety of well-known musicals. He has also enjoyed recurring acting roles on popular television series such as The Young & The Restless and Babylon 5.