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  • 9.5
    When Kim did the part of having Breast Cancer I cried my eyes out. My mother passed away from Breast Cancer & it brought back memories when she was fighting so hard. Thank you Kim for doing that & showing how it can be beat. I have loved her acting & all the things that she has gone through on the show. All of her ups & downs. At times it looked like everyday life in people's eyes. I hate to see the show end as I have been a loyal fan. Thank You for all the good times & the sad times.
  • Wow what a star...

    This person was a personal favorite of mine growing up. My mother watched this and As the World Turns. To be completely honest I love Guilding Light better. With Reva and Josh and their daughter. Those characters were the ones I found to be pretty darn entertaining. Later in life I had the chance to go to an auction with some Soap Opera stars. And, my husband and I got to share an elevator ride with this star. Kim Zimmer had been given some dounuts and boy was I hungry so me being blunt I asked her for a dounuts and she stated and I quote "you got $500?" Wow... did my opinion change though I do love the part she is given and she portrays it beautifully however her personally, my opinions has been greatly changed by that one experience. She WAS my favorite star.
  • Guiding Light's shining star.

    Kim Zimmer IS Guiding Light. Although Guiding Light is a wonderful show, if Kim wasn't there it just wouldn't be the same. She brings the kind of compassion, grace, and charisma to her character, Reva Shayne, which Susan Lucci only wishes she had.

    From the moment I first saw Kim (on GL) all those years ago, I fell in love with the character that has become one of the best loved in the long, rich history of the show.

    It's no wonder this talented woman has won 4 Daytime Emmy Awards. She has redefined the "soap actress" and given her new life.
  • Amazing Kim Zimmer is absolutely brilliant in the role of Reva Shayne Lewis on Guiding Light. Her performances have won her four Emmy's and she just keeps getting better and better all the time.

    Inside the Light with Kim Zimmer, May 3, 2006. If you haven't seen this must see episode, you are missing an absolutely brilliant performance by this Daytime Diva. And she rightly deserves every single Emmy she has won. Kim makes you believe she really is Reva Shayne, you hate her sometimes, you love her, and you never forget her. Brilliant!