Kimberley Joseph





8/30/1973 , Vancouver, Canada

Birth Name

Kimberley Joseph




Kimberley was born in Vancouver, Canada on August 30th 1973 to parents Joe and Wendy. In 1976 they moved to the beautiful Gulf Coast in Queensland, Australia. Kimberley schooled for nine years at St. Kildas before completing her final four years at St Georges School in Montreux, Switzerland. When she returned to Queensland she commenced an Arts/Commerce Degree as Bond University but had only completed her final year when life took an interesting turn.

Kimberleys big break came at age 19, when she scored her first major role on National Television playing Cassie Barsby on Village Roadshows "Paradise Beach".

Futher credits include: "Home and Away" playing troublemaker Jo Brennan (Angels arch-rival); "Hercules The Legendary Journeys" playing Hercules first love Nemesis; and Gaumont Televisions " Tales of the South seas" playing English rose Claire Devon.

Kimberley has also guest starred in numerous Australian series, as well as hosting various "Television Specials" and Live television events. It was however, co-hosting the action packed sports phenomenon "Gladiators" which propelled Kimberley firmly into the limelight both in Australia and abroad. With three Australian produced series, two UK vs Australia Ashes Series plus an international Special, Kimberley experienced her first real taste of international recognition.

With her sights firmly set on the world stage, she set off in 1999 to study at "The Atlantic Theatre Company" in New York and three months later setteled in Los Angeles. She now resides between Australia and the United States enjoying stints in the United Kingdom filming Granadas Award-winning comedy/drama "Cold Feet". Kimberley joined the cast as a lead in 2001 (Series 4) and has enjoyed two seasons playing quirky Aussia Jo Ellison. The show attracts an audience of over 10 million in Britain alone.

Kimberley has a recurring role on Lost playing Cindy. The show attracts an audience of over 20 million every week. Lost airs Wensdays at 9 on ABC.