Kimberley Locke





1/3/1978 , Hartsville, Tennessee

Birth Name

Kimberley Dawn Locke




Kimberley Dawn Locke was born on January 3, 1978 in a town right outside of Nashville. As she grew up, Kimberley always had a passion for music and for singing. When she was young, her mother would buy her sing-a-longs (some of them being Getalong Gang, Rainbow Bright, and The Care Bears). According to Locke, "I used to listen to them over and over and memorize the songs. I always loved to sing." Another past time memory of Locke's was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" after she watched the Wizard of Oz. Kimberley also remembers starting a band with some friends called "Shadz of U". She was in the high school choir. After college, she started performing with Tennessee groups, such as "Black Widow" and "The Imperials." She stopped performing at the age of 22. Then at the age of 24, she got accepted on American Idol, and now at the age of 26 she has a new record called, "One Love."

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