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Kimberly Chabolla is a 29 year old woman who works in Public Relations. Her most recent appearance was on the tenth season of The Amazing Race. Her team mate was Rob Diaz (her boyfriend) and together they both competed and finished in second place. She was also seen…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On The Amazing Race 10, Rob and Kimberly traveled 40,000 miles (64,372 kilometres) and visited 13 countries in 4 different continents.

    • Rob & Kimberly revealed that they were playing as an individual team during The Amazing Race. They were not interested in making alliances with other racers.

    • During her time on The Amazing Race, Kimberly revealed how she did not like the way that Dustin & Kandice were playing.

    • While participating on The Amazing Race 10, Rob and Kimberly had tomatoes thrown at them during their visit to Barcelona, Spain. This caused the two to bicker and argue.

    • Right before crossing the finish line on The Amazing Race 10 Kimberly faced a taunting Skydive that she never forgot for as long as she lived. Rob was watching her do it at the time.

    • Kimberly and Rob (her partner) both admit that participating in The Amazing Race has brought them closer together and they have both learned more about one another.

    • While participating in The Amazing Race, Rob and Kimberly were usually finishing legs in high positions because of luck and teamwork.

    • During her time on The Amazing Race, Kimberly was considered to be bossy and controlling by her partner Rob Diaz. After the race, she learned from her mistakes and changed.

    • After participating in The Amazing Race, Kim learned that she needed to learn to give more control to other people.

    • Kimberly and her partner Rob Diaz were originally called about being on Survivor. Kimberly decided that was not her cup of tea and mentioned the Race instead. Both she and Rob were fans and had tried to apply in the past but had a few mishaps with the application. Luckily, they were accepted and participated on Season 10 of The Amazing Race and finished second.

    • While participating in The Amazing Race Rob and Kim travelled around the globe spanning 4 Continents, 13 Countries and over 40,000 miles. In order, these were the countries visited: China, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Kuwait, Mauritius, Madagascar, Finland, Ukraine, Morocco, Spain and France.

    • Rob and Kimberly's favorite place while participating and visiting different countries on The Amazing Race was Vietnam.

    • Kimberly, a self-proclaimed goofball, enjoys snowboarding, working out and wake boarding. She can also be a neat freak and a little clumsy.

    • When Kimberly met Rob Diaz, they dated for two years before moving in together. In late 2006, Both of them participated in the tenth season of The Amazing Race. They did this so that they could travel around the world together as they have wanted, but also to prove that they're mean't to be together.

    • On The Amazing Race, Rob & Kimberly were not liked as such by the other teams because they were not helpful or sociable.

    • During her time in The Amazing Race, Kimberly and Rob Diaz (her partner) bickered and fought a lot. It is said that participating in the race would help them to decide whether or not they belong together. If not, they were to remain friends.

    • Rob and Kimberly met while bartending and have been dating for the last two years. They have experienced some rocky moments in their relationship, yet they recently decided to take a leap and move in together. They are both looking to the Race to test the strength of their relationship so they can prove that they are meant to be together.

    • Kimberly's only appearance was in The Amazing Race and it was in the tenth season.

    • Rob (himself) and Kimberley both competed in the tenth season of The Amazing Race and crossed the finish line, finishing in second place.

  • Quotes

    • Kimberley: (on leg 9 of The Amazing Race 10) I'm geographically challenged.

    • Kimberly: (looking out the window in leg 5 of The Amazing Race 10) Look at that cow. It's so skinny! Is it a homeless cow?

    • Kimberly: (final of The Amazing Race 10) I've skydived before and I'm real bummed because I wanted Rob to do it.

    • Kimberly: (referring to getting accepted to participate on The Amazing Race) No, I think it actually came as a surprise to both of us, because we really don't argue that much in our day to day lives. And especially prior to the race, we didn't argue a lot. I think that it kind of shocked both of us a little bit.

    • Kimberly: (referring to her reaction of knowing that her and Rob are participating on The Amazing Race) We couldn't believe it. Even when we were flying out to Seattle to go to Start City, we just thought, This is unreal! I mean we beat out so many people to get on this race. So many people try out for this and want to do this and we're one of the teams that they picked!

    • Kimberly: (referring to how she got on The Amazing Race) I actually had somebody call me up to do Survivor, and that was not my cup of tea at that time. I thought, I'm not so sure about that. But what I know I do want to do is Amazing Race. Oh! Well let me see what I can do.

    • Kimberly: (interview segment, regarding her and Rob) We're still learning. We're still trying to communicate without arguing.

    • Kimberly: (on leg 5 of The Amazing Race 10, regarding India) It smells like fish. I want to go to Europe. I wanna be with the rich folk!

  • Kimberly Chabolla was a favourite of mine

    Kimberly Chabolla, a 29 year old woman participated in the tenth season of The Amazing Race with her partner Rob. No one knows If they are still together but before, they were considering on moving in together before competing in The Amazing Race.

    In my opinion, Rob and Kimberly shared their times of bickering and arguing but I hope by all means, that they are together and have started a family. Kimberly, on the other hand was working in Public Relations before the race. But it seems that none of their after-the-race stuff have been reviewed.

    But during the race, they performed quite well and even set the bar high to finish in second place. But the funniest moment was the tomato fight in Barcelona, Spain (Leg 11), instant classic.

    But overall, Kimberly was a good racer and will be missed.moreless