Kimberly J. Brown





11/16/1984 , Gaithersburg, Maryland

Birth Name

Kimberly Jean Brown




She was born Kimberly Jean Brown on November 16, 1984 in the town of Gaithersburg, Maryland. It was at the age of five that Kimberly first began acting in commercials for the Ford Agency. She appeared in her first Broadway show at the age of 7 and made history by being in three Broadway shows by the age of 9: Adoring the Sun, Les Miserables, and Showboat. Earned Emmy nomination at 11 for her portrayal of "Marah Lewis" on Guiding Light. Now, as she goes by the name 'Kimberly J. Brown' this nineteen-year-old jawdropping diva is making a huge name for herself on television and on the silver screen while she makes time for school in between. Talk about being able to multi-task. When Kimberly isn't working she resides home to Los Angeles with her family and enjoys spending time with them and her frends. She sprends herself thin but no matter how much there is too do, Kimberly is someone who will do it.

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