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  • I hate her

    She is such a manipulative bitch! She used Benicio Del Toro into having a kid with him and exploits her child! KImberly isn't even famous, she is just a skank and ugly
  • Ahem.

    Ahem. Okay. Like...uhhhhm. Okay what to say? I can\'t say I hate her, you since I don\'t know her, but if you ask me, she seems fairly talentless and riding on the family name. But you know that\'s just me. She isn\'t as dumb as Paris, or as funny as Nicole. So uhh you know, just like...disappear....anytime now. Please? It just be better with less Parises and stuff around. I mean if she shows any talent some time soon, I\'ll take this comment back, I promise. Other than she\'s friends with Paris and almost got married, what do we even know about her? Exactly.
  • Kim...

    I dunno I just think NIcole shud stay on the Simple Life...Does that say enough? Cause...I just think that Kim will probly bring the ratings down....mainly bcuz The Simple Life brougth together a legion of Nicole Richie fans therefore those fans WILL stop watching after they find out that the show is a diaster and a wrec w/o Nicole Richie...Sorry.
  • Kimberly Stewart has the nerve to call Jennifer Aniston homely!

    Kimberly Stewart has the nerve to call Jennifer Aniston homely! Just compare the two in any photo. Kimberly looks like she's in her forties with all that sun exposure and her face is just plain dull. She honestly looks like some washed up trailer trash that's trying to hide her ugly face with loads of bleached hair. I shudder to think what she'll look like by the age of 30! God knows she is only in the media because of her famous father because it certainly isn't because of her talent. Just another Paris wannabe, but unfortunately she doesn't even have the looks to rely on!
  • A sad girl who likes to think that she could ever be as famous as paris hilton or as funny as nicole ritchie!

    Does anyone else not want to just throw a brick at this woman? Ever since the falling out of the fabulous paris and nicole, she has been hanging around paris like a bad smell! For some strange reason she thinks she has a hope in hell of replacing nicole ritchie in the simple life! You just have to laugh at this pathetic nobody who doesnt realise that her stepmum is MUCH more attractive than she is! If she ever even turns up on my screen in the simple life 4:criminals, she has another thing coming! Get it through your thick skull, like paris has any decision in you becoming part of this emmy award winning show! Its a shock she doesnt turn around and punch you in the face! Bring back nicole!!!!!