Kimberly Wyatt





2/4/1982 , Warrensburg, Missouri, USA

Birth Name

Kimberly Wyatt




Kimberly Wyatt, born February 4, 1982 in Warrensburg, Missouri, is a member of the Grammy nominated girl group/burlesque troupe the Pussycat Dolls. A dancer since age seven, Kimberly tried various things before her career, including basketball, the Brownies, and Tee-ball. By age 14, Kimberly was earning dance scholarships to study in New York for the summer at the Broadway Dance Center and Joffrey ballet. After graduating high school, she headed to Las Vegas to audition for a cruise ship and casino shows. In 2001 she moved to L.A. There she met PCD founder Robin Antin on the set of a Nick Lachey video, who invited her to join the group, which she did. Since then, Kimberly has been able to pursue her dancing in a very successful career.