Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice


2/8/1974, Nassau, Bahamas

Birth Name

Kevin Ferguson


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Kevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice, is a former street fighter who now competes professionally in MMA. He went 3-1 in Elite XC defeating Bo Cantrell, Tank Abbott and James Thompson before falling to Seth Petruzelli in just 14 seconds. After ProElite declared bankruptcy in October 2008…more


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    • Kimbo Slice:(on competing on Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter) I'm the only guy going in the house with a bull's-eye on my back. That's cool. I'm always going to be the underdog, no matter who I fight. These guys have been doing it over 10 years, some of them all their lives. And in me, you got a guy coming right off the streets.

    • Kimbo Slice: I'm a real dude. You'll see me around, holding my kid, you'll see me at the mall. I'm not a fake dude. I'm a real life dude. I'm just like the average guy out there except that I have no fear that I'll bang it out with anybody, I don't care who that guy is. With all due respect to fighters. That's what makes me different and my fans around the world, I'm sure they love that. I'll see you and say whats up to you and we can get together and share a burger or a soda. It's real life stuff you know.