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  • Not all together there.

    Kimmi is one of those whack vegiterians that believe everyone should deprive themselves of balanced meals. The only problem is she seems to be confused as to what vegetarian means. On her Survivor profile, she claims to not eat “land dwelling” animals. Apparently, she considers fish to be plants, and okay to eat. One would assume that dolphins are okay to eat by this standard, since they are sea creatures. It strikes me as odd that an animal that has more brain-power than most any land animal would be okay to eat, but Kimmi’s not all together upstairs. On Survior, she went one step farther, and declared only mamels to be off limits. She even ate a bloodworm in the gross-food challenge. Worms being plants, I guess, according to her knowledge of biology. Chicken was also declared to be a plant… Pretty weird, and then she declared it to be a “moral stand”, in spite of the fact that I could not find any religion that believes only mammals are animals.