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Kings of Leon




Birth Name




The band consist of three brothers and their cousin. They are Caleb Followill- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar. Jared Followill- Bass. Mathew Followill- Lead Guitar. Nathan Followill- Drums. Kings of Leon started out back in 2003 with their debut album "Youth & Young Manhood". This album did very well (probably the best out of all three). Two years later they released "Aha Shake Heartbreak" it did good but not near as good as their debut. The sales and ratings of this album made it very hard for the band to decide if they were going to release a third album. After about half a year, the sales went up. This made it so they KNEW they were going to release a third album. After about a year and a half they had released their third album "Because Of The Times" this album almost did better then both albums put together. This album also came in #5 in amazon.com's top 50 rock albums of 2007.
In September 2008 the band released their fourth album "Only By The Night"