Kiran Chetry

Kiran Chetry


8/26/1974, Kathmandu, Nepal

Birth Name

Kiran Carrie Chetry


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Kiran Chetry was hired to work at Fox News Channel in 2001. She is a co-host of "Fox and Friends Weekend." She received her B.A. in broadcast journalism from the University of Maryland's College of Journalism. She began her journalism career in 1995 as a reporter for News…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I miss seeing Kiran Chetry on Fox and Friends very much. Not only is she so beautiful and radiant she is very talent and smart she asks guests very probing questions and she can simply add a great personality to Fox. A great talent is being underused.moreless

    I like Fox and Friends it is my only morning show that I watch. It's very fair and balanced it does not have a hard libel slant on social and economic views. They have great chemistry between each other and they are on top of all hot button issues. It was so refreshing when I discovered this morning show. I'm very objective about the Bush adminstration I was a very high supporter of George W. Bush but not the invasion of Iraq. Fox and Friends bring a very balanced hosts of guests whether pro or con. I hope they stay.moreless
  • Please keep her no matter what. This is one of the most beautiful women on TV, not just news.... \"I think I\'m in love ! \" If she ask for a raise, give it to here!moreless

    Not only beautiful, but very well spoken, it is a pleasure to turn on Fox and friends, and see her smile. She should be replacing one of the regulars, and get more air time. She should not be a \'fill in\'.She does not look like a cue caard reader, but someone who knows her job.