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Kirby Heyborne

Kirby Heyborne

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  • Funny guy. Watch for this guy.

    This is one funny guy. Unfortunately, you only see him for a brief couple of seconds in the pilot of Free Ride, but I just saw his Lazy Muncie video online (my college town), a midwest response to "Lazy Sunday."

    Funny, funny guy. I'd keep an eye out for this guy.
  • Favorite actor! So funny!

    I first saw Kirby in "The Singles Ward" He was instantly my favorite actor from then on, he did a fantastic job. When I heard that he was going to be in another Film, and be the main Character, I was so exciting. I saw it the very first day it was out. It was so funny, he just has such a way to make you laugh. He just has this lovable smile that makes you wanna take him home. I personally think that he will make it far in life, and I'm rooting him all the way. I cannot wait for other movies that he will be in.moreless