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  • Trivia

    • Kirby Morrow, along with other Gundam Wing voice actors appeared at the 2003 Anime Boston convention.

    • Kirby Morrow has cooperated and worked with the Gundam and Transformers numerous times.

    • Besides acting, he also has some experience with directing and producing.

    • Kirby Morrow's personal hero is Terry Fox, for the phenomenal things that he has done. His favorite actors are Brad Pitt, Daniel Day Lewis, and Johnny Depp. His favorite actresses are Demi Moore, Cate Blanchet, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

    • Kirby Morrow's favorite colors are blue and black, and he loves ice cream and almond Dutch chocolate.

    • Kirby Morrow has spiked blond hair and green eyes.

    • Kirby Morrow can be seen making public appearances at animation/science fiction conventions around the world.

    • Kirby Morrow uses his natural speaking voice for all of his roles. An easy note of this is Miroku from Inuyasha or Teru Mikami from Death Note.

    • His favorite non-anime role is Michaelangelo from Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation.

    • Kirby's agent is Lauren Levitt and Associates.

    • He played the role of Jake in the 2001 movie Avalanche Alley. He was a thrill seeking snowboarder that got trapped in the avalanche.

    • He has said that his favorite character he played was Van from Escafowne.

    • Kirby trained at Mount Royal Colleges Fine & Performing Arts program in Calgary, Alberta where he received his diploma in Theatre. He also did some work in stand-up comedy around the same time. Once he graduateed he began acting on stage in Western Canada, and moved to Vancouver in 1995 in hopes of his acting career.

    • He is 5'10" (1.78m) and weighs 170lbs.

    • He started voice acting in 1997.

    • He has co-starred with fellow voice actor, Scott McNeil in several cartoons series such as X-Men: Evolution, Kong: The Animated Series, NASCAR Racers, Transformers: Armada, Transformers: Cybertron, Transformers Energon and Megaman, as well as the English dubbed version of Inuyasha.

    • Kirby's astrological sign is Virgo.

    • Kirby shares a birthday with fellow actors Daniel Goddard, Jason Priestley, Jack Black, and John Allen Nelson.

    • Kirby Morrow appeared in a Best Buy computer commercial.

    • He used to be a stand-up comedian and was also a stunt double on Stargate SG-1 and other shows he has worked on.

    • Kirby is also an award winning writer, and does some directing. He directed the 2005 movie A Boxing Day Classic. It won first prize at the Whistler International Film Festival , beating out 98 other scripts for a $20,000 prize.

    • Kirby co-hosted with Paula from YTV's Vortex.

    • Kirby plays Goku and Adult Gohan (eps.144+ in Vancouver dub of Dragon Ball Z).

  • Quotes

    • Kirby Morrow: (on Escaflowne) I wasn't in the whole series, there was like, fifty-eight episodes or something...oh, no that's right, that's right, Gundam Wing, sorry, is fifty-two and... Yeah, twenty-six...

    • Kirby Morrow: (on Escaflowne) The whole series was just done together, and then I read in the paper that there was a movie, and I was like: What? Who did my character? And then I read the cast of characters and I wasn't in it - just because they didn't know who it was. There was, uh, actually, both Dobsons were listed...

    • Kirby Morrow: (about the Escaflowne movie) They basically just took bits and pieces from the series and put together a movie. So we - it's not like we had this different section - or said, oh, now we're doing a feature film!

    • Kirby Morrow: (about Andrew Francis in Escaflowne) Yeah, he had a fun character. And yeah, when Van lost it and screamed - it's funny, because Andrew and I have, we can get into similar vocal qualities when we're doing things, and uh, I think that's what draws some similarities between the characters. I've auditioned for characters that he's gotten, and he's auditioned for characters that I've gotten in different shows, so we can get into the same vocal range and it just - when you get really excited sometimes you slip into the exact same vocal range, so that's probably why that happened. (laughs as he recalls the age of Andrew as well as his own age) One of them is 19, one of them is 29, it's good! Um, but in the sub you were noticing there were similarities...

    • Kirby: (Answering the question, "If you had three wishes what would you wish for?") Honestly, I'd wish for omnipotence, so I'd know everything. I'd wish for ideals that would lead to world peace and would end world hunger, and a long a healthy life.

    • Kirby: (When asked which of his characters he would dress up as if he could, and any combination) A little visor like Cyclops, wings like Van, and actually be inside Heavyarms at the same time. That would be great to have a life-size Heavyarms, kinda like (starts making sound effects of a Gundam moving.) That would be cool.

    • Kirby: (when asked if he was related to Kirby [the pink one]) Well, we did some DNA testing and We thought there might be a whole love child incidence, but apparently there is no correlation between pink boy and myself.

    • Kirby: (when asked what he REALLY thinks of Flamingos) Well, they're a largely misunderstood creature. The flamingo is really one of the noblest birds out there. It's all pink and such. So it's a really great kind of bird.

    • Kirby: (when asked if he likes Flamingos) I love flamingos! You stick a little spite on them, then put them on your lawn and they look fantastic!

    • Kirby: (When asked about favorite color) It depends what it is for. I wear a lot of blacks and blue's. I like my cars silver, my furniture is eggplant purple(aubergine)with black pillows, and my favorite jacket is light beige.